Reward Hingga Rp10 Juta Untuk Referral SME & KPR Loan

Periode hingga 31 Desember 2024

  1. The Credit Refer Program ("Program") is valid for business loans and housing loans referred until December 2024
  2. The Referring Customer is entitled to a reward for each facility that is referred and successfully disbursed with the following conditions:
    • The Referrer provides a reference to business loan facilities (CPL, TL, DL, KRK) with a minimum amount of IDR 1 billion and housing loan (KPR, KPA, KII, KMG) with a minimum amount of IDR 5million
    • The Referrer must be an active Individual Customer at OCBC and at least 3 months as an OCBC customer
    • The Referral is a Customer who never have a business credit facility or mortgage at OCBC
    • The Referral has successfully bound and disbursed loan during the program period
  3. The referral will follow the credit process in accordance to regulations at OCBC
  4. Rewards that will be received by the Referring Customer after the referred credit facility has been successfully disbursed:
    Referrer Rewards(Commission before income tax)
    External Individu Customers • Reward in the form of commission of 50% of the provision (if the referred facility is KRK & DL, then the commission is 25% of the provision)
    • Maximum IDRmillion (whichever is smaller)
    • Special for Women to Women SMEs, will get additional 25.000 Poinseru equivalent to IDR 500K (limited quota)
  5. Rewards will be given in the form of commissions and will be deducted from Income Tax (PPh) according to applicable tax provisions
  6. By the time of referral data are submitted to OCBC, the data automatically belong to OCBC and can be use by the OCBC in accordance with the legal provisions and laws in Indonesia
  7. OCBC has the right to mention the referrer name to the referral party
  8. The referrer Customer hereby releases OCBC from the claim and/or lawsuit in any form and any party regarding to data and information submitted by the referrer Customer through the program form
  9. OCBC has the right and authority to change, add, and/or reduce the terms and conditions of this program with written statement at OCBC branches or other media appointed by OCBC, subject to the applicable laws and regulations
  10. The terms and conditions of this program have been adjusted to the provisions of laws and regulations including the Financial Services Authority Regulations (OJK) and Bank Indonesia

Customer/Referrer Statement