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Increase retail transactions min. IDR60 million and enjoy benefits Voyage Complimentary. Maintain savings balance min. IDR500 Million/month. Info: ocbc.id/voyagecomplimentary

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Low Interest Rates

Starting from 0,98% flat rate per month

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    Terms & Conditions

Terms to Apply KTA Cashloan

  • Indonesian citizen with a registered national ID (KTP)
  • Owns an Electronic ID (e-KTP) & an active e-mail address
  • A minimum age requirement of 21 years old upon application and a maximum of 55 years old by the end of loan tenure
  • Resides/ works within OCBC coverage area
  • Steady income source

Document to Upload

  • Photo of Indonesian national electronic ID card (e-KTP)
  • Self-portrait photo with an Indonesian national electronic ID card (e-KTP)
  • Photo of applicant’s signature on white paper
  • Photo of Tax Identification Number (NPWP) (for loan application starting from IDR 50.000.000)
No Services Fee
1 Disbursement Fee IDR 25,000
2 Stamp Duty IDR 10,000
3 Provision Fee 3% of loan nominal, minimum IDR 150.000
4 Late Payment Fee 5% of total instalment (minimum IDR 150.000 and maximum IDR 750.000)
5 Insurance Premium (optional) 1.50% of the nominal loan amount
6 Early Paid Off Fee 8% of the remaining principal bill

Product Risk

  • Any outstanding payment done below the minimum payment amount and/or after the due date stated in the billing statement will be classified as an KTA Cashloan with loan collectibility of ‘non-current’, according to the regulation/policies by Bank Indonesia (BI) and/or Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). This could negatively affect the Customer’s application for future loan facilites or their existing loan facilites, either in OCBC or in other financial institution

  • In the event of the passing of Customer who does not apply for life insurance protection in the middle of terms of loan, the outstanding debt will then be transferred to Customer’s next of kin.

Loan Amount

Monthly installment amount (IDR)


6 months

12 months

18 months

24 months

36 months

10,000,000 1,844,667 1,011,333 733,556 604,667 465,778
15,000,000 2,767,000 1,517,000 1,100,333 907,000 698,667
20,000,000 3,689,333 2,022,667 1,467,111 1,209,333 931,556
25,000,000 4,611,667 2,528,333 1,833,889 1,511,667 1,164,444
30,000,000 5,414,000 2,914,000 2,110,667 1,724,000 1,307,333
35,000,000 6,316,333 3,399,667 2,462,444 2,011,333 1,525,222
40,000,000 7,218,667 3,885,333 2,814,222 2,298,667 1,743,111
45,000,000 8,121,000 4,371,000 3,166,000 2,586,000 1,961,000
50,000,000 9,023,333 4,856,667 3,517,778 2,873,333 2,178,889
55,000,000 9,925,667 5,342,333 3,869,556 3,160,667 2,396,778
60,000,000 10,828,000 5,828,000 4,221,333 3,448,000 2,614,667
65,000,000 11,730,333 6,313,667 4,573,111 3,735,333 2,832,556
70,000,000 12,632,667 6,799,333 4,924,889 4,022,667 3,050,444
75,000,000 13,535,000 7,285,000 5,276,667 4,310,000 3,268,333
80,000,000 14,437,333 7,770,667 5,628,444 4,597,333 3,486,222
85,000,000 15,339,667 8,256,333 5,980,222 4,884,667 3,704,111
90,000,000 16,242,000 8,742,000 6,332,000 5,172,000 3,922,000
95,000,000 17,144,333 9,227,667 6,683,778 5,459,333 4,139,889
100,000,000 17,646,667 9,313,333 6,735,556 5,446,667 4,057,778
125,000,000 22,058,333 11,641,667 8,419,444 6,808,333 5,072,222
150,000,000 26,470,000 13,970,000 10,103,333 8,170,000 6,086,667
175,000,000 30,881,667 16,298,333 11,787,222 9,531,667 7,101,111
200,000,000 35,293,333 18,626,667 13,471,111 10,893,333 8,115,556

* The table is only a simulation with insurance protection. The installment amount will be adjusted as recorded in OCBC system. The Interest rate that applied and recorded in OCBC system is flat annuity with fixed installments per month where the principal and interest portion can be different every month. Interest rates might change at any time based on OCBC policy.

Personal Loan

KTA Cashloan
KTA Cashloan

KTA Cashloan

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Popular Questions About OCBC Voyage

Terms OCBC Premier Voyage Credit Card OCBC Voyage Credit Card
Age Main Cardholders aged 21 - 75 years Main Cardholders aged 21 - 65 years
Citizenship Indonesian citizen and foreign national Indonesian citizen and foreign national
Income Min Revenue: IDR 100 Million per month or Min AUM: Average IDR 1 Billion for the last 3 months.
Min Revenue: IDR 100 Million per month or Min AUM: Average IDR 1 Billion for the last 3 months.
Personal Identification Documents Photocopy of KTP or
Photocopy of Passport / KIMS / KITAS (For foreigners only) or
Photocopy of NPWP
Photocopy of KTP or
Photocopy of Passport / KIMS / KITAS (For foreigners only) or
Photocopy of NPWP
Income Document A checking account with an average AUM of the last 3 months at Bank OCBC with a minimum of IDR 1 billion A checking account with an average AUM of the last 3 months at other banks ≥ Rp 1 billion or
Public Company Annual Report or Original Salary Slip or SPT.

For every transaction Rp 10,000 will get 1 (one) Voyage Miles without an expiry period

Exchange of Voyage Miles can be done through Voyage Exchange at +6221-26506363

Exchange your Voyage Miles for:

  • Tickets for all airlines, wherever the destination is, at any time without knowing the blackout date & expiry date.
  • Hotel, restaurant and vehicle rental reservations for travel convenience.
  • Additional non-card holder tickets such as family members & colleagues.
  • Purchase dream items and lifestyle needs.
  • Every 1 Voyage Miles can be exchanged for 1 GarudaMiles/1 KrisFlyer/1 AirAsia BIG Points.

Always use Voyage Miles to purchase any airline ticket, and get more Frequent Flyer Miles from that airline.

Benefits of Voyage Exchange

  • Contact Voyage Exchange as your personal assistant to get a variety of personal services 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Exchange of Voyage Miles
  • Travel itinerary settings
  • Recommended tourist attractions
  • Vehicle rental including Limousine facilities
  • Voyage Miles balance information
  • Reserve your favorite restaurants and families, both at home and abroad
  • Personal buyer lifestyle needs ranging from gadgets, bags, jewelry to special wedding anniversary gifts for beloved couples
  • Purchase tickets for your favorite music concert or show worldwide

To enjoy a variety of services above, please contact Voyage Exchange at +6221-26506363

Get comfort on every trip with the following exclusive facilities:

  • Domestic Airport Lounge

    Free access at executive airport lounges in major cities throughout Indonesia. (For more information click here)

  • International Airport Lounge

    Free access 2 (two) times per year in executive airport lounges at more than 850 airports worldwide. (For more information, click here)

  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance protection up to IDR 10 billion for every flight ticket purchase.
    Valid for airplane ticket purchases using OCBC Voyage Credit Cards, including flight ticket exchanges using Voyage Miles.
    1. Insurance Policy, click here

Private Banking Customer : Free annual fee for primary and supplementary cardholders as long as the primary cardholder are a valid Private Banking customer

Premier Banking Customer :

  • Primary Card : Free annual fee as long as the primary cardholder are a valid Premier Banking customer and maintain a minimum total balance assets (AUM) IDR 500.000.000
  • Supplementary Card : IDR 2.500.000 or, joining on Tanda 360 Hold Saving Program or, by minimum total spend of primary and supplement IDR 300 million in one previous year
Other than Private and Premier Banking Costumer :
  • Primary Card: IDR 8.000.000 or, by minimum total spend of primary and supplement IDR 300 million in one previous year
  • Supplementary Card: IDR 2.500.000 per card
*The various terms and fees may be changed from time to time subject to Bank’s policy

File an objection due to a transaction incompatibility, no later than 45 calendar days from the date the Billing Statement is sent. Please submit your objections to Call OCBC 1500-999 or + 62-21-26506300 (from abroad)

OCBC mobile Application *

Download the latest version of the OCBC mobile Application and follow these steps:

  1. Enter with your USER ID and Password OCBC mobile
  2. Click ""Your Obligations""
  3. Select the Credit Card that you want to set the PIN for
  4. Click ""CREATE / CHANGE PIN""
  5. Set the PIN you want and reconfirm
  6. PIN successfully created

(* Create PIN via OCBC mobile only for Primary Card holders)"

Credit Cardholders can simply contact OCBC Call 1500-999 or + 62-21-26506300 (from overseas) for the process of blocking a lost Credit Card and submit a credit card replacement at a cost of Rp 100,000 for OCBC Titanium and Platinum, and costs IDR 2,500,000 for an OCBC Voyage Credit Card.

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