Automobile Loan

Solution to have the car of your dream

New and Used Car Financing

Choose your dream car

Tenor up to 5 years

Flexibility to manage your cash flow

Simple Requirements

Having your own car is no longer a dream

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Low Interest Rates

Provides Low Interest Rates for 5 years

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Terms to Apply Automobile Loan

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Aged 21-55 for employees and ages 21-70 for entrepreneurs / professionals
  • Have a steady income
  • Financing starts from IDR 100 million minimum up to IDR 2 billion maximum
  • Personal documents such as KTP and NPWP
  • Financial documents such as a photocopy of a savings account
  • Other documents such as Vehicle Orders from the Dealer

How to Apply KPM

  1. Choose your car
    • A new car from an authorized dealer and non-authorized dealer.
  2. Apply for credit
    • Fill in the request form
    • Provide the necessary documents
    • Identification documents such as Identification Card or Tax number (NPWP)
    • Financial documents such as a photocopy of your savings account
    • Other necessary documents such as Vehicle order letter from the dealer
  3. Credit agreement
    • Signature on the Offering Letter
    • Settle the Down Payment
  4. Installment payment
    • Installment up to the end of the credit period


Automobile Loan
Automobile Loan

Automobile Loan

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Popular Questions About KPM OCBC

It is true that you will be fined if you make payments past the due date, even if it's only 1 day late. Therefore, we recommend that you make payment on the previous business day if the due date of your installments coincides on holidays (including Saturday + Sunday)

For payment installment via auto-debit, should there be a delay in payment resulting in penalty fee, the system will prioritize to debit the penalty fee amount first, then the interest and principal. This shall applies to all transactions.

True, there is a deadline for payment for accelerated repayment at 12.00 WIB. After making payment, please Mr / Mrs can send proof of payment can be sent to the email

Bank OCBC will still keep the BPKB, but after the 60 calendar day deadline from the last payment was made, a BPKB deposit fee will be charged with a nominal value of Rp. 25,000 / month

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