FUTURES Contract (Kontrak Berjangka)

Provides an investment alternative for diversification with a relatively low on cash margin

Alternative Investment

Alternative investment for customers

Potensi Capital Gain

Potential for capital gains when the selling price is higher than the purchase price

Hedging Strategy

Hedging strategy on the certain market condition

Other Advantages


Global Access

Wide range access to ATM in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore


Easy Transaction

Transactions can be done at any time


Achieve Life Goals with Bonds

Make your dreams come true with the discipline of saving in a planned way with Life Goals feature on OCBC mobile.

    Product Information Summary

Futures Contract

Futures Contract
Futures Contract

Futures Contract


List of OCBC Awards in keeping the quality and trust for the Customer

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Popular questions about FUTURES Contracts

Future Contract is a contract traded on a futures exchange to buy or sell a specific number of financial instruments in the future, at a certain price agreed between the parties that is legally binding. Futures contract transaction instrument refers to US Treasury Futures.

Capital gain potential when selling price is higher than buying price, and is one of the value protection strategy against INDON price fluctuation

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