Government Bonds IDR - USD

Investment solutions guaranteed by the government of the Republic of Indonesia


Investment guaranteed by the Government Securities Act with 100% return at maturity

Regular Coupon Payment

Regular coupon payments with a fixed coupon rate until maturity

Investment Starting From IDR 1 Million

Secondary market bonds (ORI and SR) can be transacted starting from IDR 1 million via OCBC mobile

Other Advantages


Extensive Network

Wide range access to ATM in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore


Easy Transaction

Transactions can be done at any time


Liquid Products

Can be traded before maturity with the potential to profit from price movements


Achieve Life Goals with Bonds

Make your dreams come true with the discipline of saving in a planned way with Life Goals feature on OCBC mobile.

    Product Information Summary

Government Bonds

Government Bonds
Government Bonds

Government Bonds


List of OCBC Awards in keeping the quality and trust for the Customer

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Berinvestasi dengan Obligasi Pemerintah IDR - USD

Popular questions about IDR - USD Government Bonds

Investing in Government Bonds is secure (100% principal return at maturity), customers obtain regular coupon payment at fixed coupon rate as agreed, until maturity date, and it is considered as a liquid product where it can be traded before maturity date with potential return from price movement (capital gain)

Transaction can be done on all OCBC NISP branch offices and through ONe Mobile application that can be accessed via personal mobile phones

Requirements for opening an investment account through One Mobile:

  1. Apply for individual customer
  2. Having a OCBC NISP account
  3. Having an E - KTP for Indonesian citizen
  4. Fill in personal data & risk profiles, as well as uploading required document through ONe Mobile

Opening an investment account can be done by ONe Mobile, with following steps:

  1. Click 'Wealth Management' menu
  2. Select 'Bond'
  3. Upload the requirement documents and complete the Customer Data
  4. Select your account that will be used to invest, then click 'Agree' to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter your PIN or SMS Token, then click 'next'
  6. Check out this video for following steps to open an investment account.

Registration for Primary Market Bonds can be done by ONe Mobile, with following steps:

  1. Click 'Wealth Management' menu
  2. Click 'SBN ritel online' menu
  3. Click 'Registration', make sure your data is correct, then click 'Confirm'
  4. Select the account that will be used
  5. Click 'Terms and Conditions', then click 'next'

Primary Market Bonds orders can be done by ONe Mobile. with following steps:

  1. Click 'Wealth Management' menu
  2. Click 'SBN ritel online' menu
  3. Cllick 'Bond orders' and enter order nominal, then click 'next'
  4. Check the order data, then click 'Confirm'
  5. Download Information Memorandum and click 'Terms & Conditions', then click 'next'
  6. Enter your transaction PIN or SMS Token, then click 'next'

Bond purchases on the secondary market can be done by ONe Mobile, with following steps:

  1. Click 'Wealth Management' menu
  2. Click 'Bond' menu and select 'Buy'
  3. Select secondary market Bond products, read the product information. Then, click 'next'
  4. Select the source of funds account and enter the nominal. Then, click 'next'
  5. Check the transaction data, then click 'Confirm'
  6. Click 'Terms and Conditions'
  7. Enter your transaction PIN or SMS Token, then click 'next'
  8. Check out this video for the following steps to open secondary market Bonds.

The minimum nominal to purchase secondary market Bonds from ONe Mobile is:

  1. Government Bonds (Rupiah) min. IDR 5 million
  2. Corporate Bonds (Rupiah) min. IDR 100 million
  3. Government Bonds & Corporate Bonds (USD) min. $ 10,000
If there is a change, then information about the latest minimum purchase nominal can be checked on the 'product information' screen of ONe Mobile.

There are two ways to sell your bonds, which are through Bank OCBC NISP branches or via ONe Mobile application.

Bonds will be disbursed to the account D+2 (working day) after transaction is done or longer if there is coupon payment schedule.

Every investment product has its own risk. Government bonds is safe because they are guaranteed by Government and laws, but there is still market risk (bond prices may change). Meanwhile, corporate bonds have a higher level of risk because of the credit risk from the bond issuing company. Customers should choose investment products with appropriate risk profiles.

Every investment has profit and risk pontential, as well as Bonds. Therefore, it is important for you to know the risk profile and investment strategy before choosing the appropriate bond.

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