Bond Repo

Fast and Simple Funding Product Solution

Quick Fund Access

Customer can access to fund in short period of waiting time when investing in Government Republic of Indonesia securities

Innovative product solution

Access to repo product for non-bank customer

Funding Product Alternative

Alternative funding for customers investing in Government Republic of Indonesia securities

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Bond Repo
Bond Repo

Bond Repo


List of OCBC Awards in keeping the quality and trust for the Customer

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Berinvestasi dengan Obligasi Korporasi

Popular questions about Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds is an investment in the form of debt securities issued by private companies, state-owned enterprise (BUMN) or regional owned enterprise (BUMD) where customers who invest will earn routine coupon payment at fixed coupon rate as agreed, until maturity date, and can be traded before maturity date with potential return from price movement (capital gain)

Transaction can be done at all OCBC NISP branch offices

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