Sekuritas Rupiah Bank Indonesia (SRBI)


Low Risk

Issued by Bank Indonesia with a return according to the nominal value at maturity

Liquid Products

Can be traded before maturity with the potential to profit from price movements

Alternative Investment

Alternative Investment for customers

Other Advantages


Attractive Returns

Attractive returns obtained with a discount system


Short Tenor

Short investment tenor up to 12 months

    Product Information Summary


Product Information Summary Sekuritas Rupiah Bank Indonesia
Product Information Summary Sekuritas Rupiah Bank Indonesia

Product Information Summary Sekuritas Rupiah Bank Indonesia


List of OCBC Awards in keeping the quality and trust for the Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bond

Single Investor Identification or SID or Investment Identity Number is a number registered as a capital market investor and is the main requirement to be able to invest in mutual funds or bonds.

Requirements for opening an investment account through OCBC mobile:

  1. Apply for individual WNI customers who do not have tax obligation in other states
  2. Having an OCBC account
  3. Having an E - KTP
  4. Fill in the data & risk profile, along with uploading the required documents through OCBC mobile


  1. Click Wealth Management menu.
  2. Select the desired Bond investment product
  3. Upload the required documents, complete the Customer Data and Risk Profile.
  4. Select an account that will be used for investment, then click Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter your PIN or SMS Token, then click next.

If all data and documents match in accordance the requirements, opening an investment account/SID takes a maximum of 3 exchange days

Please contact your Relationship Manager or call Tanya OCBC at 1500-999. You may also visit the nearest branch of OCBC.

Customers are not charged when buying and within the first 2 years. After 2 years since the last bond purchase transaction, the customer will be charged a transaction fee and storage fee (terms and conditions apply).

Yes, the Customer will receive trade confirmation of the bond transaction made

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Sekuritas Rupiah Bank Indonesia (SRBI)