Post Shipment Financing for Buyer/Importer

Financing the purchase of goods for buyers/importers, after shipment carried out.

Trust Receipt (TR) LC/SKBDN

Financing for Buyers/Importers utilizing LC/SKBDN to purchase goods.

Trust Receipt (TR) Collection

Financing for Buyers/Importers utilizing documentary collection to purchase goods.

Trade Advisory

Ensure the suitable trade solution for each business needs

Other Advantages


Improve Cash Flow

Improving the customer’s ability to purchase goods without affecting the business cash flow


Favourable Arrangement

Postpone customer’s payment without interfering with the payment term desired by seller



Transactions are handled by professional and experienced staff


    Product Information Summary

Jumlah Unit
 via Branch
 IDR 3.500,-
 USD 0.35
 SGD 0.45
 per transaction
 via OCBC Business  IDR 2.500,-
 USD 0.25
 SGD 0.35
 per transaction

Bulk Payment

Bulk Payment
Bulk Payment

Bulk Payment

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