Nyala Payroll

8 Benefit for Corporations

Easy and fast account opening

Easy process and more value specifically for your employees

Management of payroll accounts via OCBC Business

Ease of payroll through OCBC cash management digital system

Special cash rewards for companies in accordance with the applicable promo

Promotional program is valid according to the specified period

    8 Benefit For Company

    Account Opening Information

    Salary Payment Media

    Employee Management

  1. Easy to move payroll account from another bank

    Full support service to accelerate account opening process through various onboarding choices that customized accordingly with company needs. Easy process on every stage start from verification to employee payroll account activation.
  2. Easy and safe payroll process though OCBC Business

    OCBC Business is an integrated application with various business banking transaction feature that can be easily accessed through web and mobile (real time). Enjoy the ease to authorized every transaction through only 1 app.
  3. Welcome package program for company

    Special benefits for company who reference their employee with minimal size of 50 person. Benefits applied if only company fulfill the terms and condition given over 3 months period, start since PKS signed and company using Velocity only in payroll transaction.
  4. Cash Reward program for company

    Cash reward given to company based on total new employee used payroll OCBC (applied to new or existing employee payroll customer). As for the minimum number of employee have account payroll in OCBC are 25 person. Reward credited twice per year (every 6 month) on the first year with minimum total reward: IDR 50,000.
  5. Enjoy beyond banking facility for company

    Enjoy various application that will help your company in managing employee database (personal information, organization structure, to employee attendance). Not only that, come and get several convenience given special to support your company business model.
  6. Employee training benefit for self-development and financial planning

    Join me-NYALA GOES TO OFFICE which is a financial fitness class for OCBC payroll employee customer with various interesting financial fitness topics. This class is designed customized with the needs of the company. The class can cover basic to advance topics that will help employees in managing their financial situation.
  7. Event package benefit for company and employee engagement

    OCBC collaborates with partner companies in providing special events for employees (on-site open booth, bazaar, open class, and annual gathering) that customized with company needs in order to increase engagement level between company and employee.
  8. Support for company ecosystem

    Support for ecosystem and related stakeholders in and around the company such as: company cooperatives, company canteens, sellers/traders around the company, communities in the company, and others. Support provided in the form of easy transaction solutions (QR), promotions and events that support the entire company ecosystem.

Enjoy various conveniences in opening an account:

  • Various options of opening methods tailored to the needs of your company
  • Fast and practical account opening process
  • Ease of opening an employee account, only represented by company representatives

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Ease in the process of payroll employee accounts, practical and automatic can be managed through the OCBC Business application

OCBC Business

Comprehensive internet banking for your business transactions.

OCBC Business Mobile version

Integrated mobile banking application for business transactions.

Enjoy various conveniences in opening an account:

  • Various options of opening methods tailored to the needs of your company.
  • Fast and practical account opening process.
  • Ease of opening an employee account, only represented by company representatives.

HiRa HR is a Human Resource System Application that is given as a complementary service specifically for companies that are members of the OCBC payroll service.

Manage Employee Databases


Main Features

Personal Information

  • Family data
  • Upload supporting data
  • Reminder of expired contracts, probation, retirement, and resignation

Organizational Structure

  • Job title information
  • Change of position
  • Organization chart chart
Time management

Fitur Utama


Time management

  • Mobile absence – GPS base
  • Correction of absenteeism


  • Multi level approval
  • Government provisions
  • Custom provisions
  • Employee self service


  • Multi level approval
  • Management of leave types
  • Employee self service

We understand that the process of implementing an HR application requires quite a lot of time and the availability of limited HR time. Therefore:


Training can be done with a choice of time that can be adjusted to your needs


During the implementation process will be assisted by the HIRa HR product team


Availability of support if you encounter problems when using the HIRa HR application through email communication admin@hira-hr.com

Enjoy a variety of conveniences for administrative needs and manage your employee benefits in just 1 application

Solusi digital pengelolaan administrasi karyawan yang efisien untuk perusahaan Anda, sebagai berikut:

  • Sistem administrasi HR yang komprehensif
    Kelola informasi dalam satu aplikasi.
  • Penataan database karyawan
    Monitor aktivitas karyawan secara digital.
  • Kemudahan dalam pengaturan benefit karyawan
    Atur benefit yang akan diterima oleh karyawan perusahaan Anda.

HiRa HR merupakan Aplikasi Human Resource System yang diberikan sebagai complementary service khusus untuk perusahaan yang tergabung dalam layanan payroll OCBC.

Kelola Database Karyawan

Fitur Utama

Informasi Pribadi

  • Data keluarga
  • Upload data pendukung
  • Reminder habis masa kontrak, percobaan, pensiun, dan resign

Struktur Organisasi

  • Informasi jabatan
  • Perubahan posisi
  • Bagan chart organisasi
Time management

Fitur Utama


  • Absen mobile – GPS base
  • Koreksi absensi


  • Multi level approval
  • Ketentuan pemerintah
  • Ketentuan custom
  • Employee self service


  • Multi level approval
  • Pengelolaan jenis cuti
  • Employee self service

Kami mengerti bahwa proses implementasi aplikasi HR memerlukan waktu yang cukup banyak serta ketersediaan waktu HR yang terbatas. Oleh karena itu:


Selama proses implementasi akan dibantu oleh tim product HIRa HR


Training dapat dilakukan dengan pilihan waktu yang dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan


Ketersediaan support apabila anda menemui kendala saat menggunakan aplikasi HIRa HR melalui komunikasi email admin@hira-hr.com

Nikmati berbagai macam kemudahan untuk kebutuhan administrasi dan kelola benefit karyawan Anda hanya dalam 1 aplikasi

Frequently asked question about Payroll OCBC

OCBC payroll service is a service that can facilitate your company in the process of payroll payments to employees by transferring books from the company account to your employee account at OCBC.

The following are the requirements for companies that want to join the service OCBC payroll

  • Your company is an incorporated company
  • Signing a Cooperation agreement with Bank OCBC
  • Opening an OCBC Bank Account

Company deed, Company TIN, and other documents required by the Bank OCBC.

The advantages obtained by the company include the following

  • Easy, fast, and comprehensive registration process
  • There are special staff from Bank OCBC who will serve your company
  • Special promotional program available for your company, Promotional program follow the provisions applicable to Bank OCBC

The benefits obtained by employees include the following:

  • Free Administration Fee*
  • Free Cash Withdrawal and Transfer Fees*
  • Can join loyalty program that applies to OCBC
  • Can enjoy the facilities available on OCBC Mobile

*follow the terms and conditions applicable to OCBC

Employee recitation method by transferring books from company accounts to employee accounts through theVelocity app. Velocity application is a web-based electronic banking system and mobile application to facilitate corporate customers in conducting banking transactions, both financial and non-financial transactions in real time and Online.

Please contact Tanya OCBC, leave your next contact person. Our OCBC Sales Team will contact you soon

  • Domestic call 1500-999
  • Overseas call +62-21-2650-6300
  • Whatsapp +62-812-1500999
  • Email send to: tanya@ocbc.id
  • Twitter mention @TanyaOCBC

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