Large Corporations

Banking solutions for medium to large business scale with revenues above IDR 500 Billion.

Facilitate business transactions anytime, anywhere with OCBC Business

Medium to Large Business Scale

Banking solutions for large sized group companies with yearly revenues more than IDR 500 billion/year

Capital & investment Loan

Tailored loan facilities for your company needs both daily operations and investment.

Dedicated and Reliable RM Support

Our knowledgeable and experienced Relationship Manager (RM) provides the best solutions as your partner.

Achieve success with various choices of comprehensive solutions

Business Expansion

Business Expansion

  • Financing and business capital
  • Supply Chain Financing
  • Capital through Capital & Equity Market
  • Ease of Bank Guarantee in OCBC Business
Manage Funds

Manage Funds

  • 13 Currencies in 1 account
  • Real-time and competitive forex rates
  • Transactions via OCBC Business at any time and anywhere
Grow Partners

Grow Partners

  • Account management & efficiency transaction fees via OCBC Business 
  • Payment of bills at any time in anywhere with OCBC Business
  • API and Host to Host (H2H) integration
Beyond Banking

Beyond Banking

  • Bank partner support for business Online.
  • Payment Gateways to facilitate retail payments in real time
  • Strategic cooperation with bank partners
Regional Network

Regional Network

  • Ease of opening regional accounts
  • Representative office for cooperation with China

Facilitate business transactions
anytime, anywhere with OCBC Business

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