Logistics industry specific solutions ranging from packing, moving, warehousing, to shipping goods

Specific solutions for businesses in logistics

  • Support payment systems in the National Logistics Ecosystem.
  • Financing facilities for logistics business expansion.
  • Ease of cash-flow management.

  • Business Expansion
  • Manage Funds
  • Regional Network
  • Digital Business

Business Loan

Rapid business development requires strong financing for business continuity and expansion in the logistics industry. OCBC has financing solutions to help you realize your ambitions.

  • Overdraft Loan (Current Account Credit solution for smooth business cash flow)
  • Working Capital Loan (long-term working capital loan solution for business expansion).

Current Account

Current Account with various features and benefits for Logistics operational banking transactions.

  • 1 Accounts with 13 Currencies
  • Competitive interest
  • Low administration and transaction fees
  • Credit relation account
  • Easy transactions from Velocity Web & Mobile


More optimal management of logistics funds with higher deposit yields. Develop profits in the logistics industry with OCBC Business Deposit instruments for more optimal results with competitive interest.

Payment and Collection

Solutions for financial transactions, both payments and collections from logistic business activities.

  • Remittance
  • Bulk Payment
  • Tax Payment & Payroll
  • Virtual Accounts
  • SKN Direct Debit
  • Cash Pick Up & Delivery

Regional OCBC Network Access

We connect you to the OCBC Customer network to meet your e-commercer business needs.

  • Partner cooperation
  • Access to OCBC Regional network
  • Local Currency Settlement for purchasing Health equipment from China with China Yuen

OCBC Business

Digital solutions for efficient and effective banking transactions, anywhere and anytime

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Longer transaction time limit
  • Security system with encryption technology
  • Organization ID, User ID & Password as login access control
  • Various of users access

OCBC Business mobile version

Integrated digital solutions in mobile applications with OCBC Business mobile version for easy transactions in mobility

  • Transfer funds easily
  • Payment of bills and taxes
  • Monitor account activity
  • Buy and sell foreign exchange with real-time rates
  • Authorize all transactions through the app

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