Financing up to IDR 200 million and special promos for Sisternet members

1 Mar 2024 - 28 Feb 2025

Get a Cashbiz KTA loan of up to IDR 200 million, interest starting from 0.99% and a tenor of up to 3 years for Sisters who are members of Sisternet with a 25% provision discount and XL/AXIS credit up to IDR 400 thousand specifically for the promo code "OCBCXSISTERNET".

Get financing for Sisters who want to grow their business:

  • Loan up to IDR 200 million
  • Tenor up to 3 years
  • Interest starts from 0.99%
  • 25% provision discount with promo code OCBCXSISTERNET
    1. The provision discount is only valid if the customer enters the promo code on the limit application page.
    2. By using a promo code or a special Sisternet application link, Customer agrees to open the Nyala Bisnis service with or without the TAYTB Women Warrior program as a condition for loan disbursement.

For every loan that is approved and disbursed, you are entitled to receive XL/AXIS credit as follows:

Loans approved and disbursed (IDR) Nominal credit given
25 million - 50 million 100.000
>50 million - 100 million 200.000
>100 million - 150 million 300.000
>150 million - 200 million 400.000

Special for Womenpreneurs, #DaretoLevelUp your business with Nyala Bisnis TAYTB Women Warriors with more benefits for Women:

  1. Fund Management

    Enjoy all the benefits of Nyala Bisnis services free of charge with no minimum balance + level up benefit

  2. Easy loan access with special interest for womenpreneurs

    Up to IDR 200 million without collateral
    Up to IDR 25 billion with collateral

  3. Business Fitness Solution

    Women-only business class support to learn and grow together in

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