Expand your business with 0% interest for Online Pajak users only!

1 Feb 2024 - 1 Feb 2025

Get an unsecured loan up to IDR 200 Million and a tenor up to 3 months with 0% interest to expand your Business with KTA Cashbiz on Online Pajak.

  • Accelerated Payments for your Business Invoices
  • Loan limit up to IDR 200 million
  • Tenor up to 3 months
  • No installments, principal paid when due
  • 0% interest
  • Provision fee will be charged for each loan withdrawal
    Loan Tenor Provision fee
    1-200 juta 7 hari 0,35%
    14 hari 0,70%
    21 hari 1,05%
    30 hari 1,50%
    60 hari 3,00%
    90 hari 4,50%

Terms and conditions for appying the limit :

  • Has been incorporated as a Online Pajak user for at least 1 year
  • Applicable to individual customers aged 21 - 65 years and business entity customers (PT, CV, UD or individual company)
  • Minimum business duration of 2 years with a minimum average turnover of IDR 8 million / month
  • Customers are required to apply for a KTA loan through the KTA web onboarding and open a current account if the application is approved.

Note: application limit is valid for 12 months since approval

Terms and conditions of withdrawal:

  • Applicable if the loan limit is still available, the tenor / term of the loan has a maturity date before or equal to the expiration date of the loan limit, no arrears for previous loans and in accordance with other OCBC internal provisions.
  • Customers are required to confirm to the Bank on the disbursement of invoices submitted through Online Pajak.

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