API & Host to Host (H2H)

Integrated instruction delivery service from the customer system to the Bank

Effective and Efficient

With system integration, banking transactions can be carried out more efficiently.

Transaction Type Options

Choose the type of transaction that will be integrated with the company's system according to your needs.

Faster Transaction

Faster banking transactions directly from the company’s system integrated with the Bank’s system


    Host to Host


Banking system integration between Bank’s and company's system for more faster and efficient transaction needs without going through the internet banking platform OCBC Business.

  • Check Account Balance & Movement efficiently
  • Transfer of funds specifically for corporate purposes

Connect the company system with the Bank’s system for faster banking transaction needs

  • System integration between the Bank and the company
  • Make transactions directly from the company's system to be processed by the Bank
  • Fund transfer, Supplier, Bill & Tax Payment

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