TAYTB Women Warriors

For every struggle has its own challenges, OCBC is here to actively support #TAYTB Women Warriors

Support for Women Businesses #DareToLevelUp

Enjoy free Nyala Bisnis service fee without minimum balance

Women-only Business Financing

Loan facilities with special rates that can be adjusted as needed for operations and investment

Check Your Business Health

Access Business Fitness Check Up and community to share insights and expand network in ruangmenyala.com

Successful businesses with a comprehensive selection of solutions

Fund Management

Fund Management

  • Savings
  • Payment & Billing
  • Nyala Payroll
  • Treasury
  • Credit Card
Loan Access

Loan Access

  • Business Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • Export-Import Financing
  • Investment-Backed Loan (IBL)
Digital Business

Digital Business

  • OCBC mobile
  • OCBC Business
  • Host-to-Host API Integration
Beyond Banking

Beyond Banking

  • Non-Bank specific solutions for business needs with OCBC partners
Business Fitness Solution

Business Fitness Solution

  • Business' health check
  • Access the business skills module
  • Join business class
Regional Business Network

Regional Business Network

  • Special Solutions for SMEs to expand business to regional reach
Nyala Bisnis

Enjoy TAYTB Women Warriors Program if you meet the conditions below:

Terms and Conditions for Individual TAYTB Women Warriors Program Customers

Registered according to ID card as female when registering for Nyala Bisnis service.

Terms and Conditions for Business Entities TAYTB Women Warriors Program Customers

In the form of a Limited Liability Company (LLC):
51% of business ownership is owned by women, or meets the following conditions:

  • > 20% of business ownership is owned by women, and
  • ≥ 1 woman who has the position of CEO, COO / equivalent, and
  • ≥ 30% of Board of Directors (BOD) members are filled by Women

In the form of a Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV):

  • Min. 51% of shareholders or active administrators (active commanditers) are women, and
  • ≥ 30% of the Company's members are filled by Women

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