Nyala Payroll



Nyala Payroll is a service for both new and existing Payroll Customers of Bank OCBC NISP that offers convenience in conducting banking transactions, developing assets, and enjoying lifestyle benefits.

To join Nyala Payroll, customers must agree to these General Terms and Conditions of Nyala Payroll including all its amendments and or renewals thereof (“General Terms and Conditions of Nyala Payroll”) and have a savings account at Bank OCBC NISP.

Nyala Payroll provides various benefits that can be enjoyed by Payroll Customer based on the Total Relationship Balance which includes funds placed on savings, current accounts, time deposits, term savings (TAKA), and Wealth Management products.


Average Total Relationship Balance (Per Month) Transaction Fee Benefits (Monthly Quota) Service Fee (Per Month)5
Cash Withdrawals1 Payment/Purchase2 Bank Transfer3 BI-FAST Transfer4
< Rp200.000 3X 3X - Tidak Terbatas Rp 5.000
Rp200.000 sd < Rp10.000.000 5X 5X 5X Tidak Terbatas -
Rp 10.000.000 sd < Rp 25.000.000 10X 10X 10X Tidak Terbatas -
Rp 25.000.000 sd < Rp 50.000.000 20X 20X 20X Tidak Terbatas -
>= Rp 50.000.000 30X 30X 30X Tidak Terbatas -
  1. Withdraw cash at ATMs Prima, Bersama and OCBC Singapore Networks (cash withdrawals at OCBC Singapore ATMs only apply to OCBC NISP ATM cards with the Mastercard logo)
  2. Purchase and Payment Transactions via ATM/Internet Banking/ONE Mobile OCBC NISP.
  3. Bank transfer via ATM/Internet Banking/One Mobile/Velocity OCBC NISP using Online Transfer methods.
  4. Bank transfer using BI-FAST method via ONe Mobile.
  5. Nyala Payroll Service fee is charged if the average combined balance is less than Rp 200,000 (two hundred thousand rupiah). Other fees, such as Monthly Administration Fees and/or Fees Below Minimum Balance (fall below fee), that apply at the Savings and Current Account product level in the form of are no longer valid for Nyala Payroll customers.


  1. Companies where the customers work must be a new customer that already have a new partnership MOU/PKS with Bank OCBC NISP
  2. Nyala Payroll customer required to download One Mobile application.
  3. Free transaction benefit quota decided by looking at the combined balanced of customer’s account at the previous month.
  4. Combined balance calculation including all of customer’s account balance average with following way of date calculation:
    Calculation period starting from date 1 until 31 or the last date at that running month, applied for balance calculation of Saving, Giro, Time Deposit, term savings (TAKA), Treasury, and Wealth Management (mutual funds, bond, bancassurance) product.
  5. Free transaction benefit quota will be reset at date 3 of each month.
  6. Customer will be given 3 months of grace period, where customer will be not charged for service fee at the first 3 months since the customer join.
  7. New joiner customer will enjoy the highest tier from transaction benefit quota at the first month they joined to Nyala Payroll service.
  8. Nyala Payroll customer can independently download a consolidated report that can easily access each month through https://online.ocbcnisp.com/statement/session.
  9. Changes Mechanism of Nyala Payroll level conducted automatically by system looking through the average of customer combined balance at the previous month.
  10. Changes of transaction benefit scheme can be done by Bank with an announcement to customer minimum 30 days of work before the effective date of changes