Savings that can only be withdrawn at a certain time based on the contract

Smaller Installment 

Buying a home is not longer a burden

Low Down Payment

Own a house faster with a down payment start from 5% for the 1st house

Tenor of up to 25 years

Choose a term of up to 25 years

Other Advantages


Low Interest Rates

Starting from 0,98% flat rate per month

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Terms to Apply KTA Cashloan

  • Indonesian citizen with a registered national ID (KTP)
  • Owns an Electronic ID (e-KTP) & an active e-mail address
  • A minimum age requirement of 21 years old upon application and a maximum of 55 years old by the end of loan tenure
  • Resides/ works within OCBC coverage area
  • Steady income source

Document to Upload

  • Photo of Indonesian national electronic ID card (e-KTP)
  • Self-portrait photo with an Indonesian national electronic ID card (e-KTP)
  • Photo of applicant’s signature on white paper
  • Photo of Tax Identification Number (NPWP) (for loan application starting from IDR 50.000.000)
No Services Fee
1 Disbursement Fee IDR 25,000
2 Stamp Duty IDR 10,000
3 Provision Fee 3% of loan nominal, minimum IDR 150.000
4 Late Payment Fee 5% of total instalment (minimum IDR 150.000 and maximum IDR 750.000)
5 Insurance Premium (optional) 1.50% of the nominal loan amount
6 Early Paid Off Fee 8% of the remaining principal bill

Product Risk

  • Any outstanding payment done below the minimum payment amount and/or after the due date stated in the billing statement will be classified as an KTA Cashloan with loan collectibility of ‘non-current’, according to the regulation/policies by Bank Indonesia (BI) and/or Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). This could negatively affect the Customer’s application for future loan facilites or their existing loan facilites, either in OCBC or in other financial institution

  • In the event of the passing of Customer who does not apply for life insurance protection in the middle of terms of loan, the outstanding debt will then be transferred to Customer’s next of kin.

Loan Amount

Monthly installment amount (IDR)


6 months

12 months

18 months

24 months

36 months

10,000,000 1,844,667 1,011,333 733,556 604,667 465,778
15,000,000 2,767,000 1,517,000 1,100,333 907,000 698,667
20,000,000 3,689,333 2,022,667 1,467,111 1,209,333 931,556
25,000,000 4,611,667 2,528,333 1,833,889 1,511,667 1,164,444
30,000,000 5,414,000 2,914,000 2,110,667 1,724,000 1,307,333
35,000,000 6,316,333 3,399,667 2,462,444 2,011,333 1,525,222
40,000,000 7,218,667 3,885,333 2,814,222 2,298,667 1,743,111
45,000,000 8,121,000 4,371,000 3,166,000 2,586,000 1,961,000
50,000,000 9,023,333 4,856,667 3,517,778 2,873,333 2,178,889
55,000,000 9,925,667 5,342,333 3,869,556 3,160,667 2,396,778
60,000,000 10,828,000 5,828,000 4,221,333 3,448,000 2,614,667
65,000,000 11,730,333 6,313,667 4,573,111 3,735,333 2,832,556
70,000,000 12,632,667 6,799,333 4,924,889 4,022,667 3,050,444
75,000,000 13,535,000 7,285,000 5,276,667 4,310,000 3,268,333
80,000,000 14,437,333 7,770,667 5,628,444 4,597,333 3,486,222
85,000,000 15,339,667 8,256,333 5,980,222 4,884,667 3,704,111
90,000,000 16,242,000 8,742,000 6,332,000 5,172,000 3,922,000
95,000,000 17,144,333 9,227,667 6,683,778 5,459,333 4,139,889
100,000,000 17,646,667 9,313,333 6,735,556 5,446,667 4,057,778
125,000,000 22,058,333 11,641,667 8,419,444 6,808,333 5,072,222
150,000,000 26,470,000 13,970,000 10,103,333 8,170,000 6,086,667
175,000,000 30,881,667 16,298,333 11,787,222 9,531,667 7,101,111
200,000,000 35,293,333 18,626,667 13,471,111 10,893,333 8,115,556

* The table is only a simulation with insurance protection. The installment amount will be adjusted as recorded in OCBC system. The Interest rate that applied and recorded in OCBC system is flat annuity with fixed installments per month where the principal and interest portion can be different every month. Interest rates might change at any time based on OCBC policy.

Personal Loan

KTA Cashloan
KTA Cashloan

KTA Cashloan

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Written agreement between the Bank and other parties that contains the rights and obligations of each party in accordance with Sharia Principles.

The principles of Islamic law in banking activities are based on fatwas issued by institutions that have the authority to determine fatwas in the field of sharia.

The distribution of profit of Bank Syariah to the Deposit Customers is based on the agreed ratio every month. Revenue sharing depends on the amount and duration of deposits and bank income for the period. The amount of profit sharing is calculated based on bank revenue so that the customer must obtain profit sharing and not lose the principal savings.

The board is tasked with giving advice and advice to the Directors and overseeing the activities of the Sharia Business Unit to be in accordance with Sharia Principles.

Transaction of fund investment from the owner of the fund (shahibul mal) to the fund manager (mudharib) to carry out certain business activities in accordance with Sharia Principles, with the distribution of results of business between the two parties based on a mutually agreed ratio.

Funds or goods deposit transaction from the owner to the depositor of funds with an obligation for the depositing party to return the funds or goods deposited at any time or in accordance with the agreement.

Buying and selling transactions of goods at the acquisition price plus the margin agreed upon by the parties, where the seller informs the buyer in advance of the acquisition price.

Agreement of representation between one party to another. Wakalah is usually applied for making Letter of Credit, for purchasing goods abroad (L/C Import) or forwarding requests

Collaboration between two or more parties having funds and/or goods to carry out certain businesses in accordance with Sharia Principles by sharing the results of operations in accordance with the amount of capital ownership of each party or based on a mutually agreed ratio.

Collaboration between two or more owners of funds and/or goods to carry out certain businesses in accordance with Sharia Principles with the distribution of operating results in accordance with the amount of capital ownership of each party or based on a mutually agreed ratio, then one party gradually buys the other party's capital ownership, so that at the end of the cooperation period one party has the entire capital (100%).

The amount of profit agreed between the Bank and the Customer for financing transactions with a sale and purchase agreement (murabahah). Financing margins are fixed (fixed) unchanged throughout the term of the financing.

Share of profit sharing between the Bank and the Customer of funding and financing transactions with profit sharing agreements (mudharabah and musyarakah).

Lease transactions of goods and/or services between the owner of the object for lease, including ownership of the right to use the object for rent and the lessee to get compensation for the leased object.

Borrowing transactions without compensation for the obligations of borrowing party to repay the loan principal in one lump sum or installments within a certain period.

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