Amidst Prolonged Pandemic, Bank OCBC NISP Maintains Sustainable Financial Performance

30 Jul 2021

Jakarta, July 30th, 2021 – Bank OCBC NISP consistently strives to maintain sustainable performance despite the challenging COVID-19 pandemic situation. These efforts are focused on various commitments, which include improving public financial literacy, supporting the growth of MSME businesses, and business sustainability.

“To support the recovery of the national economy, Bank OCBC NISP continues innovating and accelerating the ability to provide banking solutions that can support customers in maintaining their financial health. This starts from increasing digital service capabilities, regular financial literacy program, as well as financing with positive contribution to economy, social, and environment. These initiatives have also contributed to the Bank's achievement in sustainable financial performance throughout the first semester of 2021,” said Parwati Surjaudaja, President Director of Bank OCBC NISP.

Sustainable financial performance results

Bank OCBC NISP continues the commitment in encouraging business growth through its intermediary function while implementing prudent principles. As of 30 June 2021, the Bank recorded a sustainable performance with a Net Profit of Rp1.5 T. Total assets grew 10.4% yoy to Rp201 T while Total Deposits ncreased 11.2% yoy to Rp150.4 T until the end of June 2021.

Pre-Provision Operating Profit also grew by 5.4% yoy to Rp2.7 T. This increase was supported by operating income that grew 5.8% yoy to Rp4.9 T, of which Rp3.9 T came from net interest income that increased by 11.8% yoy. The achievement was also supported by the increase of the low-cost fund ratio (CASA), recorded at 48.8% by the end of June 2021,compared to end of June 2020 position of 43.8%.

Sustainable support to drive economic recovery

Bank OCBC NISP disbursed loans amounted Rp115.5 T until the end of June 2021, mostly for working capital and investment. NPL ratio was maintained below the average NPL of banking industry and regulatory requirements. At the end of first semester of 2021, the Bank's net NPL was maintained at 1.0% and gross NPL at 2.5%.

The Bank’s support for customers with businesses in overcoming challenges is not limited to financing only, but also through various business assistance, acceleration in Velocity@ocbcnisp capability and on-going educational programs through ONPrenuership and W-Talks Programs.

Education & ease of access encourage customers' interest in wealth management products

Bank OCBC NISP is consistently educating Indonesians on financial literacy in order to be financially fit, including through the Nge-Gym Financial campaign from NYALA | OCBC NISP, online board games (Financial EducatiON) and other online education programs. These educational programs are supported by the availability of easily accessible investment products and RM Mobile assistance for discussions.

As a result, not only customers are having the mindset and knowledge n managing finances, but the Bank also sees increasing interest among customers in allocating funds for investments in wealth management products. Thus, in the current low-rate environment, products such as bonds and mutual funds with higher yield as compared time deposits become customers’ top choices.

Customer in adapting to Bank OCBC NISP's digital services

Bank OCBC NISP continues to accelerate and expand its digital capabilities to ensure that customers can continue their banking activities safely, despite the limited mobility due to pandemic. This strategy is wellreceived by customers, whereby monthly average transaction value for the first semester of 2021 compared to pre-covid Full Year (FY) 2019 recorded an increase of 122% for Bank OCBC NISP's e-channel. Furthermore, there was also increase in the transaction value, as well as number of users for various digital channels of Bank OCBC NISP, namely:

  • On the web and mobile based Velocity@ocbcnisp services1, monthly average transaction value increased by 134% in the first semester of 2021 compared to FY2019. While the number of users increased by 22%.
  • On ONe Mobile services, monthly average transaction value and frequency increased by 91% and 68%, respectively, in the first semester of 2021 compared to FY2019. While the number of users increased by 55%.

Furthermore, the increase of transactions on ONe Mobile also include investment product transactions, especially for bond and mutual fund. It is in line with our efforts to make ONe Mobile beyond justa transaction

tool, but also a comprehensive money manager to support customers in managing their funds.

“Economic recovery in the second semester of 2021 will remain challenging due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. In this current condition, Bank OCBC NISP, as part of the Indonesian financial industry, will continue to take a more prominent role to support economic recovery. Beyond providing financial solutions, we encourage collaboration from all stakeholders, including the community to implement health protocols with discipline and participate in vaccination programs. This is the way for all of us to #GoFarBeyond in executing our strategies and efforts for economic recovery,” Parwati ended.

Financial statements and financial ratios as of June 30, 2021, are presented in the attached factsheet.

1) Mobile-based Velocity@ocbcnisp launched in April 2020

About Bank OCBC NISP
OCBC NISP was established in Bandung in 1941 under the name Nederlandsch Indische Spaar en Deposito Bank. As of June 30, 2021, Bank OCBC NISP serves customers through 224 office networks in 56 cities in Indonesia, equipped with 551 Bank OCBC NISP ATM units that can be accessed at more than 100,000 ATM networks in Indonesia, as well as connected to more than 700 OCBC ATM networks. Group in Singapore and Malaysia. Bank OCBC NISP also serves customers through various digital channels, including mobile banking and internet banking – both for individuals and corporations. Bank OCBC NISP is one of the banks with the highest credit ratings in Indonesia, namely idAAA (stable) from PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) and AAA (idn)/stable from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia.


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