Supporting Patient Data Integration, Bank OCBC NISP and Lintasarta through Owlexa Healthcare Launched Collaboration Program for Hospitals and Clinics in Indonesia

9 Oct 2023

Jakarta, 9 October 2023 – Today, Bank OCBC NISP and Lintasarta through its unit business, Owlexa Healthcare, has signed a cooperation agreement to provide financing facilities for the purchase of Hospital Management Information Systems (SIMRS) and Clinical Management Information Systems (SIMKLINIK). This partnership aims to support the integration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), as stipulated in Minister of Health Regulation No. 24 of 2022.

Bank OCBC NISP and Lintasarta recognize the vital role of the healthcare industry in creating a healthy and prosperous society. Indonesia has significant potential in terms of national health data, but more than 80% of healthcare facilities in the country remain undigitalized, with data fragmented across hundreds of different applications. This highlights the need to support all developments in this area, including the digitalization of patient data integration in healthcare facilities to ensure optimal healthcare delivery.

Emilya Tjahjadi, Director of Bank OCBC NISP said, "Financing facilities are available for Owlexa Healthcare clients, both hospitals and clinics to purchase SIMRS/SIMKLINIK. We hope this will help them to provide a better and optimal healthcare services for patients.”

Currently, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and patient administration data in Indonesia are not fully digitized and integrated across healthcare facilities. This poses a significant challenge for both patients and healthcare providers, as it can complicate and delay the treatment process. For example, when a patient transfers to a different healthcare facility, they are typically required to undergo a new diagnostic workup over again.

Minister of Health Regulation No. 24 of 2022, which mandates that all healthcare facilities in Indonesia to procure EMR (Electronic Medical Record) in order to integrate it nationally in the future, is certainly a regulation that has the potential to overcome the challenge. So in the future, the Indonesian healthcare industry can leverage technology to reduce paper consumption, storage space requirements, as well as time and energy spent in searching and sharing records to operational units, even among healthcare facilities.

Zulfi Hadi, Marketing & Solution Director Lintasarta is pleased to have this collaboration, by saying "We are honoured to collaborate with Bank OCBC NISP to support digital transformation in the Indonesian healthcare industry. This collaboration will make it convenient for healthcare facilities to access and implement SIMRS and SIMKLINIK, the integrated digital solutions which can help to improve the quality of healthcare services in Indonesia."

"Furthermore, SIMRS and SIMKLINIK which provided, managed, and/or operated by Owlexa Healthcare, are essential for both healthcare facilities and patients. They provide a network of coordination, reporting, and administrative procedures that enable the collection of accurate and precise information, including electronic medical records in healthcare facilities, to be more systematic and integrated,” added Zulfi.

Owlexa Healthcare's SIMRS is a web-based Management Information Systems which enables hospitals streamline their operations in each unit conveniently. In addition, SIMRS and SIMKLINIK is a web-based Management Information System with real time report so that the stakeholders can easily control it remotely. Both systems offer a comprehensive range of features, including Patient Administration System, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Reporting, Inventory, Accounting, Dashboard, Bridging, and Video Conference, and certainly the feature which integrates healthcare facilities with the system of BPJS Kesehatan.

“We are confident that this collaboration between Bank OCBC NISP and Lintasarta through Owlexa Healthcare will play a significant role in supporting the transformation of the Indonesian healthcare industry,” concluded Emilya.

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