OCBC Indonesia Affirms Its Environmental Commitment by Planting Mangroves with the Mangrove Jakarta Community

30 Nov 2023

In line with the occasion of Indonesian Tree Planting Day, OCBC Indonesia in collaboration with the Mangrove Jakarta Community, planted mangrove trees at two Mangrove Ecotourism locations, PIK and Tidung Kecil Island

Jakarta, November 30th, 2023 - In line with the momentum of Tree Planting Day which falls on November 28, 2023, OCBC Indonesia, in collaboration with Mangrove Jakarta Community environmental community and Food Security, Marine Affairs and Agriculture Agency, Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta planted 5.000 Rizhophora mangrove trees at two Mangrove Ecotourism locations, PIK and Tidung Kecil Island. OCBC Indonesia is committed to environmental preservation and is concerned about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions through this planting initiative.

OCBC Indonesia’s dedication to environmental preservation has also been demonstrated by initiatives to decrease its carbon footprint through different savings on energy, paper, and waste management, as well as reducing emissions from the Bank’s operational activities. The bank also helps reduce its carbon footprint by implementing finance strategies that incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) assessments, providing green credit and credits with a sustainability focus.

“We believe that banking is not only about financial products and services, but also about creating a better future for ourselves, our customers, those closest to us, and the community around us. This aligns with the values that the Bank continues to promote and apply to all the employees to create a better future,” said Julie Anwar, Head of Human Resources at OCBC Indonesia.

Julie added that OCBC Indonesia consistently conducts environmental conservation educational activities through the OCBC Sustainability Learning program. Through #DimulaiDariSaya campaign, the bank also encourages employees to take concrete steps to care for the environment in their daily lives, because learning about sustainability and environmental preservation can begin with everyone.

This mangrove planting activity is also part of OCBC Indonesia’s employee engagement program, SPARTA (Sepeda, Lari, Tanam), which aims to increase employee enthusiasm for living a healthier lifestyle while participating in activities that benefit the environment. Employees are encouraged to exercise, specifically running and cycling, and every distance they run, or cycle is equivalent to donating mangrove trees, which contribute to environmental sustainability.

“We really appreciate OCBC Indonesia for participating in mangrove conservation efforts in Jakarta,” said Paundra Hanutama, Founder of the Jakarta Mangrove Community. “We hope that this activity will inspire employees and the public to continue working to preserve the environment as a form of responsibility for our future generations.”

The first 200 trees will be planted in the PIK Mangrove Forest area, followed by another 4.800 trees on Tidung Kecil Island, Thousand Islands. It is hoped that planting 5.000 Rhizopora mucronata mangroves will help to reduce carbon emissions, create a balanced ecosystem, provide a home for various marine species, protect beaches from abrasion, and provide sustainable natural resources for local communities

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