OCBC Titanium

Elevate Your Choices

A credit card that offers a 0% installment facility for all transactions

All can be repaid 0%

For 3 months without minimum transaction

Duration up to 36 months

Installments no longer a burden with 0.5% interest

Best Offer at Partner Merchant

Fun shopping in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

Others benefit


Cash Out Remaining Limit

Now you can withdraw the remaining credit card limit directly into your savings account with interest up to 0% via OCBC mobile.
Info: web.ocbc.id/cairlimitcc


Buy MRT Jakarta Tickets Hassle-Free

Now it's easier to ride the Jakarta MRT by buying tickets via the MyMRTJ application using an OCBC credit card with the Mastercard logo. Info: Check here


Low Installment

Shopping without worry of paying installments


Taking the MRT abroad just TAP

With the Contactless feature, valid in countries and transportation companies that accept payments by Credit Card and contactless


Contactless Feature

Equipped with contactless features for convenience, security & faster transaction


Bill Payment Facility

Paymonthly bills is more easier and practical


Accepted Worldwide

Shopping at more than 29 million merchants and Mastercard partners


Access Cash Worldwide

Cash withdrawals at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide at any time


Bill payment flexibility

Credit Card minimum payment 5% of the total bill


Easy to Pay Bills

Pay credit card bills through ATMs, Internet Banking & Cash Deposits


24/7 service

Serving customers regarding OCBC Titanium Credit Card information


Easy transaction via Alipay/Weixin Pay with OCBC Credit Card

Now traveling abroad is easier because you can transact on Alipay & Weixin Pay with OCBC Credit Card. Info: web.ocbc.id/trxchina



    Credit Card General Terms and Conditions

    Interest and Fees

    Your credit card

    Information in the Invoice Sheet

    Other Information

    Privileges for you

    Convert Installments

    PIN Kartu Kredit

    Product Information Summary

Conditions for Submitting OCBC Titanium Credit Cards

  • Minimum 21 years for major cardholders
  • Minimum 17 years for additional card holders
  • Minimum annual income of IDR60 Million
  • citizen or foreigner

OCBC berhak menentukan besarnya pagu kredit dan jenis Kartu yang akan diberikan oleh OCBC kepada Pemegang Kartu

Low Rate Installment

Installment Conversion is a term credit facility for your credit card spending transactions ranging from 3 to 36 months with easy installment. The interest rate in the Installment Conversion is determined by Bank OCBC and may change at any time with prior notice. The period of installment is set by the Card Holder itself and cannot be changed again. The Card Holder can enroll the Installment Conversion by sending SMS from mobile phone number that registered on credit card system and later the Card Holder will get the confirmation.

SMS to 86477

The format of the SMS change transactions into installments as follows:
OCBC[space]CICIL[space]The Last 16 Digits of Credit Card number#Total Transaction#Tenor
Example: OCBC CICIL 5241690000001234#30000000#12

Accepted Worldwide

OCBC Titanium is accepted worldwide with more than 29 Millions merchants and service partners that collaborate with Mastercard international.

Worldwide Access to your fund

Apart from being able to do fund withdrawal in all OCBC Branches, OCBC Titanium credit card can also be used for fund withdrawal in more than 1 Million ATMs worldwide, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can withdraw up to 70% of your OCBC NISP Platinum credit card limit.

Bill Payment Facility

Your OCBC Credit Card can be used to pay recurring utilities payment such as TELKOM, PLN, PAM, TV Subscription, IPL (building maintenance fee), and Insurance by:

  1. OCBC ONe Bill
    Register your recurring bill for service providers in agreement with OCBC by contacting Tanya OCBC 1500999 or your Relationship Manager. More information, click here

    Visit the nearest OCBC ATM and choose “Payment / Purchase / Cash Advance” menu using your credit card PIN. If you do not have your PIN yet, please create your PIN immediately. More info visit www.ocbc.id/pin

Bill payment flexibility

Your OCBC credit card payment can be done by paying the minimum 5% of the total bill or IDR 50,000 (whichever is higher).

Payment methods

You can pay your bill by various methods :

  • Via OCBC ATMs all over Indonesia
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking OCBC Bank
  • Cash deposit in all OCBC branches
  • Direct Debit by signing standing instruction in all OCBC Bank branches
  • Lalu Lintas Giro (LLG)/Clearing
  • Over booking from OCBC NISP savings account/Giro in all OCBC branches
  • Transfer via ATM Bersama or ATM Prima


We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get information about OCBC Platinum credit card at 1500-999.

General Terms & Condition OCBC Credit Card
  1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, unless expressed otherwise in the context, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

"Automated Teller Machine" hereinafter referred to as "ATM" means a machine which can be used by the Cardholder to access banking services for 24 hours

"Bank" means PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk, a banking company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, domiciled in South Jakarta and having its address at OCBC Tower, Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 25 Jakarta 12940 including all of the bank's branch offices in Indonesia.

"Cash Advance Limit" means the maximum limit for cash advance made at the Counter or ATM pursuant to the limit approved by the Bank, where such cash advance shall be subject to Administration Fee and Interest, calculated on a percentage basis of total cash advance or a certain minimum amount determined by the Bank.

"Stamp Duty" means the tax levied on documents under the provision of the applicable laws charged to the Cardholder for every payment made.

"Administration Fee" means fees charged by the Bank to the Cardholder with regards to the use of Credit Card.

"Late Charge" means fees charged to the Cardholder when he/she pays the bill after the Due Date

"Billing Statement" means a notification to the Primary Cardholder which, among others, inform about Current Month's Total Bill, total Minimum Payment and the Due Date for making payment within a particular Credit Card billing period.

"Interest" means the interest expense charged to the Cardholder if Current Month"s Billing Statement is not paid in full and/or if the payment is made after the Due Date

"Call OCBC" means PT Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk banking call service, or Call OCBC which can be contacted at 1500-999 or other numbers informed by the Bank from time to time.

More Info

Interest and Fees

Annual Fee (free of the first year fee) Main Card IDR 300,000 per year,
Supplementary Card IDR 100,000 per year
Annual fee Main Card IDR 600 thousand per year, Supplementary Card: IDR 300 thousand per year
Retail Interest 1.75% per month, 21% per year
Cash Advance Interest 1.75% per month, 21% per year
Minimum Payment 5% of the bill or a minimum of IDR 50,000 (Until 31 December 2024 or always binding with Bank Indonesia regulations)
Cash Advance Fee 6% or a minimum of IDR 100,000 (whichever is greater)
Late Payment Fee (Late Charge) 1% of the total bill, minimum IDR 50,000 and maximum IDR 100,000 (Until 31 Dcember 2024 or always binding with Bank Indonesia regulations)
Over-limit Fee 6% of the excess limit, a minimum of IDR 100.000 and a maximum of IDR 250.000
Lost/Damage Card Replacement Fee IDR 100 thousand
Billing Statement Delivery Charge IDR 12,500 per billing
Transaction Copy Request Fee Transaction Note IDR 50,000 , Monthly Bill IDR 30.000, and Declined Check / Giro Fee IDR 25.000
Duty Stamp Charged for Payments with Certain Amount

Payment amounted above IDR 5,000,000 will be charge Duty Stamp IDR 10,000

Credit Card Payment Costs through Teller at OCBC Branch IDR 10 thousand
Installment Request Fee

Through OCBC (ID) Application or other channels IDR 15,000 per transaction

Through Contact Center – Tanya OCBC IDR 20,000 per transaction

Installment Payment Cancellation/Acceleration Fee IDR 200,000 per transaction
Transfer Fee IDR 10,000 to OCBC account
IDR 25,000 to another bank account

E-Statement via Email Fee

Request Increase Limit Fee

Notification Charges

IDR 5,000 per bill per month

IDR 50,000 per request

IDR10,000 per bill per month

Important Information
  • In accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation, Customers are not permitted to use Credit Cards for cash withdrawal transactions at merchants.
  • Beware of fraud in the name of Bank OCBC. We never ask for your confidential data, such as PIN, Password, Passcode / OTP and User ID.

Interest Calculation for Purchasing Transactions (Retail):
Interest will be charged if the Cardholder pays less than the total new bill, or pays after the Due Date. Interest for Shopping Transactions is calculated based on the Posting Date of the transactions made. The interest rates that apply to spending transactions are listed on the Billing Statement. Unpaid fees, penalties, or interest are not included in the interest calculation component. Interest will be charged on the next billing statement. For a complete interest calculation, see the illustration of credit card interest calculation.

Interest Calculation for Cash Advance Transactions:
Interest for Cash Advance is charged and calculated from the Cash Advance Date until the date of full payment of the Cash Advance transaction. The interest rates that apply to cash withdrawal transactions are listed on the Billing Sheet. Unpaid fees, penalties, or interest are not included in the interest calculation component. For complete interest calculation, please see the illustration of Credit Card Interest Calculation.

Illustration of Interest Calculation for Purchase Transactions (Retail)*

* This illustration uses the Platinum Credit Card due date

Illustration of interest calculation can give different results caused by:

  1. Rounding of calculations.
  2. The sequence of bill payment. For further information of bill payment sequence, reffering to the General Terms and Conditions of OCBC Credit Cards.

Illustration of Cash Advance Transaction Interest Calculation**

The example of calculation of interest on Cash Advance transactions:
The Cash Advance transaction of IDR 1,000,000 is made and recorded on March 8, 2020. The Billing Statement print date is March 10, 2020. The Due Date is April 2, 2020.

The Cash Advance transaction interest that printed on the Billing Statement sheet for April 2020 is IDR 2,215 (*** see calculation method below).

Image of interest day calculation for Cash Advance transactions

** This illustration uses the calculation of the Titanium Credit Card due date
*** The interest calculation for the Cash Advance transaction was billed in April 2020 as follows:

Difference of days = (10 - 8) + 1 = 3, Interest = IDR 1,000,000 x 3 x (2,245% x 12 months) / 365 = IDR 2,215

Your Credit Card
  1. Chip
    The chip stores your confidential data and offers greater security and convenience in making transactions.
  2. Your Name
    Only the person whose name is printed on the Credit Card shall be entitled to use it. Therefore, please check the name on your credit card and report immediately to OCBC if it is incorrect.
  3. Expiry Date
    Your Card is effective as from the date you receive and activate your Credit Card in the month up to the last day of the month and year printed on this part.
  4. Credit Card Number
    This is a unique series of number for your credit card. Please indicate these numbers in every correspondence with OCBC. Please clearly indicate these numbers for each payment or transaction of your Credit Card.
  5. Signature Sticker
    As soon as you receive OCBC Credit Card, please immediately sign on this part. Make sure your signature matches to the one on your Identity Card.
  6. Magnet Stripe
    Please keep this part away from magnet and do not scratch this part since it stores your Credit Card data.
  7. Call OCBC
    For any information you need concerning OCBC Credit Card, you can call this number.

The billing statement is a summary of transaction details of your OCBC Credit Card (from the previous month's billing date up until the subsequent billing date). Details of transactions printed are transactions made using the primary card and the supplementary card (if any). There is no separate billing statement for supplementary cards.

Primary Credit Card Number
This is OCBC Primary Credit Card number.

Statement Date
This is the date of transactions and other outstanding balances billing. It will fall on the same date each month.

Payment Due Date
This is the payment deadline for the outstanding balances on which the payment shall have been received by PT. Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk, namely 6 days for Platinum Credit Card and 23 days for Titanium Credit Card as from the billing date. A minimum payment must be paid off each month on or before the due date even if you have not received the Billing Statement. Payment received after the due date shall be subject to late charge.

Current Month's Bill
This is the outstanding balance on the billing date which includes previous month's outstanding balance and transactions made up to the billing date, fees, interests and corrections deducting payments and credit.

Minimum Payment
The minimum payment is 5% of the outstanding balance or IDR 50,000 (whichever higher)*. If your outstanding balance exceeds your credit limit, such excess shall be added to the minimum payment which is about to become due. If you have not paid off the previous month's minimum payment, such amount shall also be added to your minimum payment which is about to become due. If there is any instalment transaction, it shall be billed in full.

*Until 31 December 2024 or always binding with Bank Indonesia regulations

Transaction Date
This is the date of the transactions of purchase, cash advance or other transactions made using OCBC Credit Card.

Posting Date
This is the date on which your transaction is posted or charged to your OCBC Credit Card account.

Transaction Description
This column contains information on the details of transaction made using your OCBC Credit Card:

  • Previous month's statement which shows the ending balance of the previous month's bill prior to deduction of payment and added by new transactions and fees/penalties
  • Payment will deduct the balance of previous month's bill
  • Fees or penalties are the value of fees or penalties charged to your OCBC Credit Card account. For example, the annual fee or late charge if you made the payment after the due date.
  • For transactions made in foreign currency, the foreign currency code will be indicated and the transaction value will be converted into Rupiah
  • If you have a supplementary card, the supplementary cardholder's name and card number, along with the transaction details of your supplementary card will be found in a separate section. If you do not have any supplementary card, there will only be the transaction details of the primary card
  • The current month's bill is the total of the previous month's bill deducting the payment and added by new transactions (primary and supplementary cards transactions, fees and interests)
  • Credit status is a classification of whether a credit payment is smooth or not.

This is the total amount of purchase transactions of your OCBC Credit Card in the current month.

Administration Interests & Fees
This is the amount of interest (only if there is an interest expense) and administration fees charged.

This is the amount of payment of the OCBC Credit Card bill which you have made.

This is the total amount of bill you have to pay in the current month.

Combined Limit
Total credit limit assigned to a cardholder through 1 or more credit card(s) owned. The total credit limit of your OCBC Credit Card constitutes the combination of credit limit of all credit cards you own. If you only have 1 card, the combined limit is equal to your Primary Card limit.

Remaining Combined Credit
This is the remaining amount of credit limit up until the billing date and can be used for transactions.

Current Month's Points (Platinum Credit Card only)
This is the total Reward Points you have earned in the current month.

Previous Total Points (Platinum Credit Card only)
This is the information on the previous month's Reward Points.

Redeemed Points (Platinum Credit Card only)
This is the information on the amount of Reward Points you have redeemed up until the current month.

Expiry Date (Platinum Credit Card only)
This is the expiry date of your Reward Points.

Total Points (Platinum Credit Card only)
This is your effective Reward Points.

Interest Rate (% of Retail Interest)
This is the information on the interest rate to be applied due to the customer's failure in making full payment of a bill. The rate is determined by the bank.

Interest Rate (% Cash Advance)
This is the information on the interest rate to be applied for cash advance transactions, the rate is determined by the Bank.

You will be charged the interest for:

  • Payment made after the due date
  • Minimum payment or non-full payment
  • Payment less than the minimum payment
  • Non-payment
  • Cash advance transaction

Personal Identification Number
PIN is a secret code given to OCBC credit card holders, functions for shopping transactions, cash withdrawals or bill payments at OCBC ATMs.
Protect your PIN from misuse: do not write down your PIN in any media, do not inform other parties, including the bank.
Cardholders can apply for a PIN via the OCBC mobile Application (version 2.3.6), or by SMS from the Cardholder's mobile number registered in the Bank's Credit Card system and will immediately receive a reply in the form of the desired PIN number.
SMS Format:
OCBC (space) SETPINCC (space) 4 Last Digit of Credit Card # Date of Birth DDMMYYYY # 6 Digits of the PIN You Want
Example = OCBC SETPINCC 1234 # 14121990 # 180825
Send it to 6477

Allowance for Payment Time
If the due date for Credit Card bills coincides on a Saturday / Sunday or National Holiday or a Joint Leave Day which is officially declared by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Bank OCBC will provide leeway for payment to the Cardholder until the nearest official Business Day thereafter.

Billing Statement Error
If you have doubts or do not acknowledge the transaction printed on the billing statement, immediately contact Call OCBC no later than 45 calendar days from the printed date of the Billing Statement and submit by mail informing the following data:
- Your name and card number
- Details of the transaction and the amount contested
- Transaction date
- reason for refutation
- Your signature
- Please send the Rebuttal Letter to:
OCBC Card Center
Unsecured Loan Division
Jl. Gunung Sahari 7 No. 36 (Gunsa Building 3) Central Jakarta 10720

Transactions abroad
Every transaction made in foreign currency will be converted into Rupiah on the bookkeeping date based on the exchange rate determined by OCBC and VISA or MasterCard International. Exchange rate differences are possible due to fluctuations in exchange rate changes.

Lost or Stolen Card
Immediately report the loss of your Credit Card to Call OCBC. Any transactions that occur prior to the report to the Bank, will be your full responsibility. Contact Call OCBC 1500-999.

Transfer of Outstanding Balances
OCBC has the right to transfer outstanding balances to third parties.

Card Closure and Cancellation
Your credit card will be automatically renewed. If you wish to cancel your participation, you are required to notify us at the latest 1 (one) month before your credit card expires.
With certain considerations, OCBC has the right not to extend the validity period of your credit card.
OCBC also has the right to cancel your credit card at any time if your card account record is not good or due to other reasons.

Terms and Conditions Bond
By signing and using your credit card, you are bound by the terms and conditions set by OCBC. For this reason, it is recommended that you understand the information contained in the Terms and Conditions at ocbc.id/welcomepack. If the information is not clear, you can contact 24-hour Call OCBC.

Partner Merchants in Indonesia
Deal with special offers from Bank OCBC partner merchants in Indonesia

Mastercard Partner Merchants
Trade with special offers from Mastercard merchants all over the world

Partner Merchants in Singapore and Malaysia
Trade with special offers from Mastercard merchants in Singapore and Malaysia 

Convert transaction into installments through:
 1. OCBC mobile Application
 2. SMS to 86477
 The format of the SMS change transactions into installments as follows:
 OCBC[space]CICIL[space]The Last 16 Digits of Credit Card number#Total Transaction#Tenor
 Example: OCBC CICIL 5241690000001234#30000000#12
 3. Call OCBC 1500999

Get your 6 digit OCBC Credit Card PIN by following:

     OCBC mobile Application*
    Download the latest version of OCBC mobile and follow the steps below:
        Log in with your User ID and Password
        Click "What You Owe"
        Choose Card
        Click "CREATE/CHANGE PIN"
        Set your PIN and reconfirm
        PIN successfully set

    More information for OCBC mobile registration click here or Call OCBC 1500-999
    Sending SMS to 86477**

    SMS Format:
    OCBC[space]SETPINCC[space]Last 4 Digit Credit Card#Date of Birth DDMMYYYY#Your 6 Digit PIN

    For Example:
    OCBC SETPINCC 1234#14121990#180825

(*Create PIN through OCBC mobile only for Basic Card Holder)
(**Create PIN through SMS for Basic and Supplement Card Holder using the registered telephone number on the Bank)




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Popular Questions About OCBC Titanium

Terms OCBC Titanium Credit Card
Age Main Card Holders aged 21 - 65 years
Additional Card Holders for a minimum of 17 years (Maximum 3 people
Citizenship Indonesian citizen and foreign national
Income Min Income: Rp. 60,000,000 per year.
Personal Identification Documents Photocopy of KTP or
Photocopy of Passport / KIMS / KITAS (For foreigners only) or
Photocopy of Other Bank Credit Cards (For Other Bank Customers)
Income Document Original month's latest salary slip / Statement of Income (Especially Employees and Foreigners) or
Photocopy of SIUP / Company Establishment Deed
Current account / savings account for the last 3 months (only for entrepreneurs) or
Current Account / Savings Account for the last 3 months, Photocopy of Practice Permit and Photocopy of SPT (Professional Only).

0% installments with 3 months tenor without minimum transactions, and 0.5% installments with 6 - 36 months tenure without minimum transactions

Change the transaction to installment by sending the SMS format:

OCBC [space] INSTALLMENT [space] 16 Digits Credit Card Number # Transaction Number # Tenor

Send to 6477

The fee charged for applying for installments is IDR 15,000 per submission

Main Card Rp. 300,000 per year, Supplementary Card: Rp. 100,000 per year (Free first year contribution fee)

File an objection due to a transaction incompatibility, no later than 45 calendar days from the date the Billing Statement is sent. Please submit your objections to Call OCBC 1500-999 or + 62-21-26506300 (from abroad)

OCBC mobile Application *

Download the latest version of the OCBC mobile Application and follow these steps:

  1. Enter with your USER ID and Password OCBC mobile
  2. Click ""Your Obligations""
  3. Select the Credit Card that you want to set the PIN for
  4. Click ""CREATE / CHANGE PIN""
  5. Set the PIN you want and reconfirm
  6. PIN successfully created

(* Create PIN via OCBC mobile only for Primary Card holders)"

Credit Cardholders can simply contact OCBC Call 1500-999 or + 62-21-26506300 (from overseas) for the process of blocking a lost Credit Card and submit a credit card replacement at a cost of Rp 100,000 for OCBC Titanium, Platinum, and  costs IDR 2,500,000 for an OCBC Voyage Credit Card.

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