Cash Collateral Loan
Time Deposit-Backed Loan

Cash loans with Bank OCBC deposit as collateral up to 100% of your deposit value

Get loans up to IDR 25 billion

Cash loans for various needs up to IDR 25 billion

Loan tenure up to 10 years

Freely manage finances with loan tenure of up to 10 years

Easy financing with maintained deposit

Apply via OCBC mobile without breaking the deposit

Cash Collateral Loan


    Applicant's Terms and Conditions

    Interest & Fees

    Document Requirements

    Product Information Summary

  1. Apply for cash loans up to 100% of the deposit value, starting from IDR 50 million to IDR 25 billion.
  2. Apply directly through OCBC mobile for loan limit up to IDR 2 billion and maximum loan tenure up to 24 months.
  3. For loan applications above IDR 2 billion for a period of more than 24 months, please visit your nearest OCBC branch.
  1. Individual customers.
  2. Indonesian citizen.
  3. Minimum 21 years old or married.
  4. Maximum 75 years upon loan maturity.
  5. Work Experience:
    • For employees (permanent/contractual) with at least 2 years of experience.
    • For entrepreneurs/professionals with at least 2 years of experience in the same field.
  6. Valid for OCBC time deposits placed with auto-rollover method.
Fees Description
Interest Equivalent to Time Deposit Rate + 2.5%
Credit Argument Fees • Loan Limit IDR 50 Million to 500 Million = Rp 500,000
• Loan Limit > IDR 500 Million to 2 Billion = Rp 750,000
• Loan Limit > IDR 2 Billion onwards = Rp 1,500,000
Documents Employee Entrepreneur Professional
Credit Application Form signed by Prospective Applicant
Photocopy of Applicant's ID Card (KTP) + Husband / Wife (if married)
Photocopy of Family Card (KK)
Photocopy of Marriage Certificate/Divorce/Separation of Property (If any)
Photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
Savings Account / Current Account at least 1 month to the last 3 months in the name of the Applicant or Applicant’s Spouse
Photocopy of Work Certificate from the Company or other alternative documents - -
Photocopy of Business Existence Document (Company Deed, SIUP / TDP / NIB or similar documents) - -
Photocopy of Supporting Documents such as Practice License / Appointment Decree from Related Agencies - -
Print out proof of cash collateral from OCBC


Cash Collateral Loan
Cash Collateral Loan

Cash Collateral Loan

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