Nyala Payroll

8 Benefits for employee

Easy and fast account opening process

Easy process and special benefit only for your employee

Payroll account management through Velocity

Convenience to manage payroll through OCBC cash management digital system

Special cash reward for company in accordance with the applicable T&C

Promotion program applicable within specified period

    8 Benefits For Employee

    Payroll Savings

    Cash Loan Payroll

    Ruang meNyala

    Product Information Summary

  1. Easy and secure transactions through OCBC mobile

    Get the ease and convenience of transactions ranging from checking balances, transfers, paying bills to investing in 1 application.

    OCBC mobile is a banking app that does all your banking transactions.
    • Daily transactions:

      Check balances, transfer between banks, pay for groceries with QR Pay, buy credit, data packages, pay electricity bills, credit card in payment & purchase feature, Top Up GoPay, OVO, Shopee Pay, Dana, LinkAja.
    • Loans:

      Online unsecured loan, apply increase in credit card limit, and change your transactions into installments.
    • Investments:

      Create SID/Investment number & know your own risk profile without having to come to the branch, investment starts from Rp. 100,000/day.
  2. Free transaction fees up to 90X every month

    Average Total Relationship Balance (per month) Transaction Fee Benefits (Monthly Quota) Service Fee (Per Month)
    Cash Withdrawals Payment/Purchase Bank Transfer BI - FAST Transfer
    < IDR200,000 3x 3x - Unlimited IDR5,000
    IDR200,000 sd < IDR10 Mio 5x 5x 5x Unlimited -
    IDR10 Mio sd < IDR25 Mio 10x 10x 10x Unlimited -
    IDR25 Mio sd < IDR50 Mio 20x 20x 20x Unlimited -
    ≥ IDR50 Mio 30x 30x 30x Unlimited -
    • Withdraw cash at ATM Network Prima, ATM Bersama and OCBC Singapore (applies to OCBC ATM cards with the Mastercard logo).
    • Purchase and Payment Transactions via ATM/OCBC Internet Banking/OCBC mobile.
    • Inter-bank transfers via ATM/OCBC Internet Banking/OCBC mobile/OCBC Business using the Online Transfer method.
    • Inter-bank transfers using the BI-FAST method via OCBC mobile.
    • Nyala Service Fee is charged if the average combined balance is less than IDR200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Rupiah). Other fees that apply at the Savings and Current Account product level such as Monthly Administration Fees and/or Fall Below Fees (under the required minimum balance fees) are no longer applicable for customers with Nyala services.

    Nyala Payroll provides various benefits that can be enjoyed by Customer based on the Total Relationship Balance which includes funds placed on savings, current accounts, time deposits, term savings (TAKA), and Wealth Management products.

  3. 0% installment and up to 36 months tenor with OCBC credit card

    Apply for an OCBC credit card and enjoy fee waivers by converting bills into up to 36X intallments.
  4. Easy apply emergency loan through On Cash Loan (KTA)

    Unsecured loan up to Rp 200 million, fast and easy procession with low interest rates and loan terms of up to 48 months.
  5. Easy to own your dream house & car through HOP & COP loans

    Enjoy the convenience of getting a Car Ownership Program (COP) and Home Ownership Program (HOP) with competitive interest rates, credit terms of up to 5 years (COP) & 25 years (HOP) and free administration fees, appraisal, credit agreement (un-notarill) (T&C applies).
  6. Easy investment from IDR10,000

    Create SID/Investment number & know your risk profile without having to come to the branch, Invest from IDR10,000 & Bundle up to 3 Mutual Fund products and check investment performance, save and buy and sell 11 foreign currencies online at competitive rates.
  7. Exclusive offers for management & executives

    One tier up program for management and executives to enjoy various benefits and facilities available from medical check up to airport pick up that can support the lifestyle and quality of life of OCBC customers.
  8. Enjoy transaction points to redeem with attractive prizes

    Collect Poinseru from various product openings, programs and transactions through OCBC mobile and redeem Poinseru at www.Raih.id with various e-Vouchers, Goods, Miles, e-Wallets and merchant promos.
Payroll Savings
Tabungan Payroll

Payroll Savings

  • 12 Currencies in 1 Account
  • No Transaction Fee
  • Competitive Foreign Exchange Rate
Cash Loan Payroll
KTA Payroll

Cash Loan Payroll

  • Repay Up to 4 years
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Easy Approval

MeNYALA community

  • Join the community and get financial education from trusted sources
  • Free access to participate in Financial Fitness Class, check the nearest event schedule in IG@ruangmenyala

Learning Platform ruangmenyala.com

  • Enjoy a variety of information from articles, podcasts, videos, and various other interesting content

Financial Check up

  • Check your financial health indefinitely
  • Financial Fitness Consultation up to 6X meetings



RIPLAY Nyala Payroll
RIPLAY Nyala Payroll

RIPLAY Nyala Payroll

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Facilitate business transactions
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