Enjoy Refer a Friend program and get the rewards!

1 Jan 2024 - 31 Mar 2024

Enjoy Refer a Friend program and get the rewards! Invite your friends to OCBC for Nyala or Premier Banking customer and place funds according to following table :

Chosen Referral services Minimum fund placement Reward for referrer
Nyala IDR 250,000 IDR 25,000
IDR 1 Million IDR 100,000
IDR 25 Million IDR 150,000
Premier Banking IDR 500 Million IDR 500,000

With just invite your friends to do fund placement starting from IDR 250.000 and Join Nyala, you can get the reward up to IDR 150.000 valid multiplication.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Program valid for new customer, The fund must be a fresh fund (must originate from an account outside OCBC) .
  2. The reward will be credited if the referral has joined Nyala and met the terms for fund placement.
  3. The reward will be credited at the latest by the 4th week of the following month to the Tanda 360 Plus IDR account.
  4. The referral recipient must meet the fund placement requirement by the end of the month following the month of CIF creation.
  5. The program does not apply to OCBC Bank Staff with Seller or Operations functions at branches.
  6. The referrer must use one of two channel options, namely OCBC mobile or Internet Banking.
  7. Refer A Friend tiering for AUM IDR 250 thousand can only be given for providing the Referral Code through OCBC mobile and the referral must join Nyala via OCBC mobile by entering the Referral Code.
  8. The bank, at its discretion and consideration, reserves the right to suspend or cancel the granting of rewards if there is an indication of fraud, irregularity, or violation of these Terms and Conditions.
  9. The bank has the right and authority to modify, add, and/or reduce these Terms and Conditions with notification through media deemed appropriate by the bank, considering the legal regulations and legislation in force.

Steps for the Referrer via OCBC mobile

  1. On the Dashboard page, click Refer a Friend.
  2. Click the copy button on the Unique Referral Code and share through the app of your choice.
  3. After the code is successfully copied, a notification will appear saying Referral Code copied successfully.
  4. Customers can also share a link to download the OCBC Mobile app by clicking Invite My Friend.
  5. A notification will appear saying Invitation has been Sent, click OK.
  6. Referrals who are sent the Link MUST STILL enter the Referral Code.

Steps for the referral via OCBC mobile

  1. Click on the link shared by the Referrer.
  2. The link will direct you to download the OCBC mobile, proceed with downloading OCBC Mobile.
  3. After downloading OCBC mobile, click on the Register button.
  4. Click on the button that says Belum Punya Rekening OCBC.
  5. Choose Buka Layanan Nyala by OCBC.
  6. The referral MUST enter the Referral Code that has been sent by your referee so they can receive the Refer a Friend program reward.
  7. The Bank Officer Code is optional and is to be filled if the account opening is assisted by a Seller.
  8. After entering the Referral Code in the column, a list of Program Codes that the Referral can also follow will appear along with the entered Referral Code.
  9. Select the Promo Code you want to use.
  10. Then click Pakai.
  11. After the Promo Code and Referral Code are filled in, enter the Bank Officer Code (Optional), then click Check to validate that the sales code is correct.
  12. Choose the type of NYALA Service that suits your needs, then click Ajukan.

Steps for the Referrer via Internet Banking

  1. Login to internet banking
  2. Choose Layanan Nasabah
  3. Select Refer a Friend
  4. Select referrer’s account number
  5. Input referral data (name and phone number)
  6. Data successfully stored


[Q] As a referrer, when can I expect to receive the referral reward?

[A] You can expect to receive your reward up to two months since the referral receiver joins Nyala and opens an account.

[Q] As a Premier Banking customer, am I allowed to refer a friend to join as a Nyala customer?

[A] Yes.

[Q] If I make a cross-segment referral, which reward will I be eligible for?

[A] The reward that the referrer will receive is in accordance with the segment and AUM of the referral recipient.

[Q] As a Nyala customer, can I refer friends through a branch office?

[A] Yes, as long as the referral is also made through internet banking.

[Q] If I refer a friend who already has an OCBC account, will I still qualify for the reward?

[A] No, because the Refer a Friend program is only valid if the referral recipient is not an existing OCBC customer.

[Q] When will this program take place?

[A] January 1st 2024 until March 31st 2024.

[Q] [Q] Why is the reward I received, calculated differently from what is listed in the program scheme table?

[A] [A] in the program eligibility calculation, there is a mandatory validation for fresh fund with the following calculation

  • If the fresh fund amount is smaller than the AUM amount, then tiering reward will be paid based on the fresh fund amont.
  • If the fresh fund amount is greater than the AUM amount, then tiering reward will be paid based on the AUM amount.

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