OCBC’s 2024 Annual General Meeting of Stakeholders “More Resilient and Go Far Beyond with Sustainable Business Practice”

18 Mar 2024

Jakarta, March 18th 2024 – Today, PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk (OCBC) conducted the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) at OCBC Tower, Jakarta. In the meeting, the bank obtained approval for all agenda items of the AGMS.

Shareholders’ Approval on Seven AGMS Agenda Items

  1. Company's Annual Report, including the Board of Directors' Report and the Board of Commissioners' Supervision Report for the fiscal year 2023.
  2. Determination the utilization of Company's consolidated Net Profit for the fiscal year 2023, amounting to Rp4.09 trillion, as follows:
    • Rp72 per share or amounting of Rp1.65 trillion is designated as cash dividends, or 40.4% of the Consolidated Net Profit;
    • Rp100 million is allocated for general reserves.
    • The remaining is allocated as retained earnings.
  3. Buyback of Company’s shares at a maximum of 402,000 shares and the transfer of buyback shares proceeds for the distribution of variable remuneration in accordance with the prevailing Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) and applicable regulations.
  4. Amendment of the Company's Articles of Association to align with new laws and regulations.
  5. Changes in the Company's Board composition as follows:
  6. Reappointment of Wong Pik Kuen Helen as Commissioner and Martin Widjaja as Director, effective from the closure of this AGMS until the closure of the AGMS in 2027.
  7. Acceptance of Emilya Tjahjadi's resignation as Director, effective from the closure of this AGMS.
  8. The delegation of authority and power of attorney to the Board of Commissioners to appoint a Public Accountant and a Public Accounting Firm to audit the Company’s Consolidated Financial Statements for the financial year of 2024.
  9. Approval of the share acquisition in PT Bank Commonwealth by the Company.

In addition to being held in-person, the AGMS was also conducted electronically through the eASY.KSEI application. By using this application, shareholders can provide electronic authorization and exercise their voting rights in the decision-making process through the electronic voting mechanism.

Parwati Surjaudaja, President Director of OCBC, stated, “In 2023, OCBC remains resilient with strong and sustainable performance. This is further supported by strong capital adequacy ratio [CAR] of 23.7% and good liquidity with Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) of 206.2%. The rejuvenation of our brand’s name and logo to OCBC has strengthened our position as a regional bank with global capabilities and local values that are always adaptable in providing comprehensive financial services to our customers.”

Solid & Sustainable Performance

Key Financial Performance as of 31 December in IDR trillion, except %
Description 2023 2022 ∆% YoY
Net Income 4.09 3.33 23%
Total Assets 250 239 5%
Loans - gross 154 138 12%
Deposits 182 176 3%

OCBC is one of the banks with highest credit ratings in Indonesia, i.e.,AAA(idn)/stable from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia.

Become a Resilient Bank with One Brand, One Group Unity

  • On November 14, 2023, the Bank changed its logo and brand name from OCBC NISP to OCBC. This rebranding does not affect the Bank's legal name, which is PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk.
  • As part of the OCBC Group, the Bank is committed to providing comprehensive financial services by leveraging the synergy within the OCBC Group and combining it with local values. This strengthening of synergy and connectivity also brings more benefits to individual and business customers. The benefits include:
    • Individual Customers

      • Exclusive offers at various reputable merchants, both domestic and international
      • Free cash withdrawal through OCBC Group ATM in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong
      • Cash withdrawal without conversion at overseas ATMs for 11 foreign currencies with Global Debit Card
      • Various cashback programs, exclusive airport pick-up service in Singapore, also access to OCBC Premier Center Lounge in Singapore and Malaysia for Premier Banking and Private Bank customers.
      • Easy access to Premier Banking services at Singapore, and comprehensive legacy planning assistance for Private Banking clients.
    • Business Customers

      • Regional Desk: Banking services for entrepreneurs aspiring to grow their business in OCBC Group network.
      • Easy access to business products and services, issuance of bank guarantees and Letters of Credit in the OCBC Group network countries.
      • Opportunities for collaborations for cross-country entrepreneurs in the OCBC One Connect Series.
      • Opportunities to participate in international awards and events by OCBC Group for Indonesian SMEs.
  • In tandem with the new refreshed logo, the Bank has also launched a new tagline: For now, and beyond (Terus Bersama, Melaju Jauh). The new tagline reflects OCBC’s DNA of always taking a long-term view in all its dealings and investments, and its commitment not just to the present but also to the future, to make a lasting impact for a better world.

Focus on Developing Comprehensive, Collaborative, and Sustainable Technology

  • OCBC continues to focus on developing comprehensive, collaborative, and sustainable technology and focuses on increasing the use of digital technology which is supported by the implementation of Information Technology Governance and a comprehensive Cyber Security System and supports the bank's business growth.
  • The Bank's technological capabilities are accompanied by an increase in the number of transactions through e-channels by 32% YoY, and a 26% increase in the number of active individual customers using internet banking and OCBC Mobile compared to 2022.
  • In 2023, OCBC introduced new features in OCBC Mobile to provide customers with a more convenient digital transaction experience. These features include Tabungan Emas (Gold Savings), Life Goals, and Live Chat, which is a contact center feature that allows customers to easily inquire even when they are abroad, without incurring expensive phone charges.
  • In the business banking segment, OCBC has seen a 20% increase in the number of users and a 17% increase in the number of transactions in OCBC Business. One of the features that can assist corporate customers in running their businesses is Trade Finance, which provides online-based services such as Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit (LC), and Domestic Documented Credit (SKBDN) which accessible through the OCBC Business platform.

ESG as a Guideline for OCBC's Contribution to the Future

Parwati stated that “Our ESG implementation extends beyond green financing. Recently, OCBC achieved an 'Advanced' Level 2 certification from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Green Building Council (GBC) Indonesia for our smart and sustainable building concept, OCBC Space in BSD, Tangerang. With the certification, we have saved 1,600 carbon emissions per year, equivalent to planting 24,000 trees. The savings include a 42% energy reduction, an 82% water reduction, and a 22% savings on embodied energy material use.”

Support Net Zero Carbon [Environment]

  • As of December 31, 2023, OCBC has disbursed sustainable financing amounting to Rp32.3 trillion, contributing up to 21% of the total bank credit. Out of this amount, Rp13.1 trillion has been allocated for green financing, including green projects and green property financing, such as Pollution Prevention, Renewable Energy, Land & Water Biodiversity Conservation, Water & Waste Treatment, Climate Change Adaptation, Eco-Efficient Product, Green Transportation, Green Building, and Waste Management.
  • As part of gender financing, OCBC has disbursed Rp3.25 trillion through the #TAYTB Women Warriors program, representing a 7% YoY increase, benefiting 1,327 women entrepreneurs, marking a 6% YoY increase.
  • Not only provide sustainable financing, but Bank’s operational practices are also conducted in a sustainable manner. In April 2023, OCBC became the first bank in Indonesia to utilize green energy from PLN (State Electricity Company) and received a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). Through REC, PLN ensures that the electricity purchased by the bank is sourced from renewable energy power plants and is used in OCBC branches throughout Indonesia.
  • In conjunction with the Tree Planting Day on November 28, 2023, OCBC collaborated with the Mangrove Jakarta Community and the Department of Food Security, Marine Affairs, and Agriculture of DKI Jakarta Province planted 5,000 Rhizophora mucronata mangrove trees in two locations: the Mangrove Ecotourism PIK and Pulau Tidung Kecil. This tree planting activity is part of OCBC's commitment to environmental preservation and its efforts to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Another measure taken by OCBC to support a greener environment is the use of digital business cards and the utilization of certified forest paper (e.g., PEFC-certified paper). Additionally, the bank repurposes unused employee batik uniforms for other purposes.

Encourage SMEs #BeraniNaikLevel (Dare to Level Up) & Support Individuals to be #FinanciallyFit [Social]

  • In May 2023, OCBC launched Nyala Bisnis, a business solution to help Indonesian entrepreneurs #BeraniNaikLevel. By becoming part of Nyala Bisnis, SMEs are not only managing and developing their businesses through Business Banking solutions, but also receiving support through educational activities and a community of entrepreneurs to share knowledge and experiences through the Business Fitness Solution.
  • The Bank's commitment is also supported by the launched of the OCBC Business Fitness Index 2023, a research aims to measure the financial health of a business. The survey results showed that the average score for businesses was 43.84, which is far from the ideal score of 75. This means that the majority of SMEs in Indonesia need to improve their financial condition.
  • To enhance their capabilities, the bank collaborates with various organizations such as HIPMI Jakarta Pusat and Qualita to educate MSME players through programs like Business Fitness Class, Nyala Festival, and the Nyala Bisnis Competition, which have been participated by more than 702 SMEs from all over Indonesia.
  • For individuals, OCBC has once again launched the OCBC Financial Fitness Index (FFI) 2023, an annual research that describes the financial health of the Indonesian young generation. This year's score shows an increase of 1.10 points compared to last year, reaching 41.16. However, although the young generation in Indonesia is continuously working to improve their financial habits, many still make wrong decisions when it comes to spending.
  • One of the bank's efforts to improve the community’s financial health score is by consistently promoting Financial Fitness solutions and actively organizing more than 420 online and offline educational classes, which have been attended by more than 130,000 participants. The bank also regularly creates and distributes educational content on digital and social media platforms.
  • In the form of products and services that support individuals to be more #FinanciallyFit, OCBC has launched Nyala Global Debit and Nyala Credit Card, which are tailored to the lifestyle needs of the community. In addition, through OCBC Mobile, customers can also digitally save gold and manage their financial goals through the Life Goals feature.

Implementing Good Governance Practices

  • In terms of governance, OCBC is committed to continuously improving the quality Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation to ensure that all internal processes and mechanisms within the bank are aligned with objectives and play a role in governing the organization.
  • OCBC has issued an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy & Supplier Code of Conduct based on ESG principles.
  • Bank is also committed to not financing certain sectors, such as coal-fired power plants and new coal mining operations, commercial logging activities in tropical rainforests, as well as the production and trade of wood or other forest products from unsustainable managed forests. Furthermore, since February 2021, the Bank has committed to no longer providing financing or refinancing for thermal coal mining.

Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

  • OCBC upholds and implements core values throughout the organization to build a better future, known as Employee Value Proposition (EVP).
  • The EVP consists of several pillars, including Togetherness, Progress, and Values. These pillars are embodied through various programs and themes, such as collaboration, wellbeing, learning, innovation, sustainability, and community, which focus not only on employees but also on the environment.
  • To support inclusivity, the bank has various initiatives such as employee communities based on hobbies/sports, a support group program called KAWA (KAmi WAnita OCBC) for women, a program for employees' children called KANA (KAmi aNAk OCBC), as well as OCBC Volunteer which encourages employees to actively participate in various CSR activities in the fields of humanitarian, education, environment, and health.
  • Furthermore, to promote well-being, the bank has in house doctors and psychologists which is available for all employees.
  • Employees are also supported to continuously enhance their skills through various training programs tailored to their needs, enabling them to maximize their full potential and instilling a culture of leadership and B!SA work ethos, which stands for Bring out the Best in Each Other, Integrity, Strive for Excellence, and Act Progressively, accompanied by the spirit of TAYTB. Employees can independently participate in training programs both online and offline.

Received Awards in Various Segments

The bank's commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions for customers has been recognized with various international and national awards, including:

  • Bank of The Year - Indonesia from The Banker, London.
  • SME Bank of The Year from Asian Banking & Finance, Retail Banking Awards, Singapore.
  • Good Corporate Governance Rating from the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) & SWA.
  • Best Forex Bank - Indonesia from GBAF Publication in Global Banking & Finance Review Award, London.
  • Cash Management Bank of The Year from ABF Wholesale Banking Awards 2022, Singapore.
  • Best Private Bank Indonesia from GBAF Publication in Global Banking & Finance Review Award, London.
  • Best Trade Finance Bank in Indonesia from The Asian Banker Transaction Finance Awards 2023.

About OCBC
PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk ‘OCBC’ was established in Bandung in 1941 under the name Nederlandsch Indische Spaar en Deposito Bank. Over its 82 years of journey, the Bank has undergone several name changes, from 'Bank NISP' to 'Bank OCBC NISP', and 'OCBC' on November 14, 2023. As of December 31, 2023, OCBC serves customers through 199 office networks in 54 cities in Indonesia. Furthermore, customers could conduct transaction through the Bank's 496 ATM, more than 90,000 ATM networks in Indonesia, and connected to more than 600 OCBC Group ATM networks in Singapore and Malaysia. OCBC also serves customers through various digital channels, including mobile banking and internet banking – both for individuals and corporations. OCBC is one of the banks with the highest credit ratings in Indonesia, namely AAA(idn)/stable from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia.

Aleta Hanafi
Division Head
Mobile: 62-8118725945
Chandra Novita
Mobile: 62-8111071069
Nadya Maharani
Mobile: 62-8119812329
Novi Henriatika
Mobile: 62-8119812329

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