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Nikmati keuntungan khusus pebisnis

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Bunga Rekening hingga 5%

  • Tingkatkan bunga rekening tabungan bisnis melalui transaksi Bayar dan Beli di aplikasi ONe Mobile, peningkatan saldo rekening, serta fasilitas EDC/QRIS.
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Gratis Biaya MDR QRIS 6 Bulan

  • Serta dapatkan notifikasi transaksi penerimaan real-time melalui aplikasi Nyala Bisnis Merchant.
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Reward Transaksi Dana Masuk

  • Dapatkan reward hingga Rp150 ribu setiap bulannya dari transaksi penerimaan dana.

TAYTB Women Warriors

Because every struggle has its own challenges, we are here to support #TAYTBWomenWarriors, the great women warriors in business.

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24 February 2024

Currency Buy Sell
USD USD 15,460.00 15,760.00
SGD SGD 11,470.49 11,767.41
EUR EUR 16,723.47 17,056.65
GBP GBP 19,595.85 19,963.14
JPY JPY 102.31 105.14

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24 February 2024

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