The Privacy Policy

Protecting all customer information and transparency in what we do about It, is the most important thing in building relationships and trust with our customers.

Opportunity to Make Choice

All OCBC customers have the opportunity to decide all options. When the customer considers the choice, we recommend making choices that enable us to provide quality products and services so we can meet the financial needs and objectives of the customer better.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Our priority is to maintain the security of the customer 's personal information. To protect such information, we maintain it physically; electronically; and protecting legal procedures in accordance to the applicable regulations. We also train employees to maintain the confidentiality of personal information in an appropriate manner. When we work with other institutions or companies that provide services to us, we require each of the company to protect the confidentiality of the personal information that they might receive.

The Cookie Policy

Situs OCBC OCBC Website use cookies to collect information in order to provide better services and offers to all website visitors. A cookie is a text file of information that’s stored in each visitor’s device (including tablets and smartphones). The information includes fundamental things like terms used when browsing sites and read content. Information from the cookie helps the website collect statistical information and recognise visitors when the visitors return to OCBC website. Some cookies are essential for the website to work optimally, other cookies are used to collect visitor statistical information so the website will be more comfortable to use and useful for the visitors.

Some cookies are temporary active and will disappear when the browser is closed, while there are also cookies that persist and will stay on the device for some time. The OCBC website also use several cookies related to campaign and will be disappeared when the campaign ends. If a visitor chooses not to use cookies during a visit, the visitor should be aware that certain functions and pages will not work as optimal.

If a visitor wants to delete existing cookies on their device, please see the browser's instructions by clicking "Help" in the browser menu.

The External Link

OCBC website provides URL links to other sites that are not controlled by OCBC Bank. We are not responsible for the content and security of the sites. If a visitor access the site, please check their privacy and security policy.

Policy Changes

OCBC Bank have the right to change the policy on this website at any time. Visitors are advised to check the site's privacy policy from time to time in order to be aware of the latest privacy policy on this site.