Special rate until 2.81% KPR OCBC NISP to buy your new house!

April 2022

Make your dream home come true with low interest rates from KPR OCBC NISP!

Special gift from KPR OCBC NISP to celebrate the 81st Anniversary of OCBC NISP, only for you! You just have to choose your dream house, and OCBC NISP has prepared special interest rates just for you! OCBC NISP offers a variety of interest rates, one of which is the Special Interest 2.81% Fixed 1 year, 3.81% fixed 2 & 3 years, and 5.81% fixed 5 years! This promo is special for you and is valid until May 31, 2022. This special interest applies to new and second homes, you know!

Terms & Conditions

  • Mandatory to open 1 Taka/ Taka iB account (for Sharia mortgages) / new HOLD tokens for a minimum of 1 year with the following tiering:
    Credit Limit Period TAKA/TAKA iB TANDA HOLD
    <IDR1 miliar 12 months IDR600.000,-/month Option Unavailable
    24 months IDR250.000,-/month
    36 months IDR250.000,-/month
    <IDR1-5 miliar 12 months IDR1.500.000,-/month Rp18.000.000,-
    24 months IDR750.000,-/month Rp15.000.000,-
    36 months IDR500.000,-/month Rp10.000.000,-
    <IDR5 miliar 12 months IDR3.000.000,-/month Rp35.000.000,-
    24 months IDR1.500.000,-/month Rp33.000.000,-
    36 months IDR1.000.000,-/month Rp30.000.000,-

This promo is special for you and is valid until May 31, 2022.
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