MaxPrestige Heritage Protector

A flexible insurance solution for long-term finance

Maintain the Yield

Fixed yield for 10 years


Insurance payment is only one time

The sum insured is flexible

Sum insured up to 25x single premium



Cash value can be withdrawn when needed


Partner insurance company





    Product Information Summary

Requirements to Apply MaxPrestige Heritage Protector

  • Currency : USD
  • Minimum Single Premium of USD 10,000
  • Entry age Insured : 18 - 80 years (next birthday)
  • Entry age Policy Holder : 18 - 99 years (next birthday):
  • Insurance Coverage Period : until the Insured is 99 years old or while the Policy is still active

Our Partner

Insurance product is provided by the Insurance Company, It is not a product of PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk. (“Bank”) and Bank is not an insurance agent or insurance broker of the Insurance Company.

The Insurance Company will take full responsibility over the insurance product and the content of the insurance policy published for such insurance product, so therefore Bank will not be liable in any form for the insurance product and the content of insurance policy published for such insurance product.

The insurance product is not a saving product of the Bank, thus is not included in the government guarantee program or Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan.

Premium paid by the Policyholder are including cost of insurance, supplementary, fund management, bank commission and marketing staff commission.

The information in this document should be read and subject to the policy provisions and other provisions that are related to the insurance product as per current as well as their changes afterward.

Frequently asked question about MaxPrestige Heritage Protector

The yield is guaranteed for the first 10 years of the policy

Partial withdrawals can be made with the applicable terms and conditions

There is a possibility that the cash value will run out if funds are withdrawn

The insurance premium payments will be done in autodebet periodically through OCBC account according to the seleccted product.

For claims, the customer or the heirs can complete the documents as stated in the policy, then:

  • Give it to the Relationship Manager or OCBC branch, to be forwarded to the Insurance Company, or
  • Send directly to Insurance Company

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