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OCBC EDC Payment Solutions for easy business transactions with your customers.

Accepts payments via GPN Card, Visa, Mastercard, & Dynamic QRIS*

*QR code is generated after the payment amount is set via EDC device

Ease of your business online transactions, integrated directly with Merchant.

Accept Visa and Mastercard network transaction card payments without having to switch platforms.

QRIS Payment Solution for easy business transactions with your customers

Accept QRIS payments from all mobile banking & ewallets in static QRIS code format*

*QR code is given to the Merchant, in the form of hardcopy (paper/sticker).

Document Requirements LLC CV Foundation Personal
Merchant registration form (hardcopy)
Merchant Terms and Conditions If there are special agreement, MCC applies
Identity of the owner or person in charge ✓ On behalf of the director ✓ On behalf of administrators
Taxpayer Identification Number ✓ On behalf of a person
Registration certificate (TDP) or business registration number (NIB)
Business License (in the form of a business permit or equivalent document) -
*For Offline Merchants: Location photos (front, left, and right view), photos of goods & business activities and sales, and photos of signage.
*For Online Merchants: Website display photos and business location photos (warehouse & office)
Deed of incorporation or amendment -
Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights - -


  • For business entities that attach Business Identification Number, are still required to attach a Business License issued through OSS but do not need to attach a Company Registration Certificate.
  • For foundations with social categories (places of worship, social assistance, donations) do not require Business Identification Number and Business License.
  • If the acquisition process is carried out through the power of attorney from the Merchant, it is mandatory to attach a Copy of Power of Attorney and a Copy of the Power of Attorney ID Card.
  • For private merchants who apply for a type of payment using a card, they must attach a business license.

Card MDR

Card Solution Card Type Merchant Category MDR Rate
Debit Card EDC/Online Aqcuiring Debit GPN OCBC Regular 0.15%
Education 0.15%
Gas Station 0.15%
G2P. P2G. Donation 0%
Debit GPN Bank Lain Regular 1%
Education 0.75%
Gas Station 0.5%
G2P. P2G. Donation 0%
Other Bank Domestic Debit   1%
Debit Visa   1%
Debit Mastercard   1%
Credit Card EDC Credit Card Visa   2%
Credit Card Mastercard   2%
Online Aqcuiring Credit Card Visa   2.5%
Credit Card Mastercard   2.5%

*)MDR is calculated from the processed transaction amount
**) MDR does not include per-transaction fees charged by Payment Gateways


Solution Merchant Category MDR
QRIS Mikro nominal transaction ≤IDR 100,000 0%
Mikro nominal transaction≥IDR 100,000 0.3%
Regular 0.15%
Education 0.6%
Gas Station 0.4%
Social assistance/donations (mandatory on behalf of Foundations/Social Organizations) 0%

Monthly Fee

  • EDC: IDR200K/EDC/month (before tax)
  • QRIS (QR Stiker) : Free of charge

Daily transaction reports will be sent via email to the Merchant a maximum of D+1 calendar day after settlement.

Daily payment will be credited to the Merchant's account D+1 working day after settlement.

Layanan 24/7 melalui TANYA OCBC dan email

Call: 1500-999

Tanya OCBC

  1. What is QRIS?
    QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) is a QR Code-based payment method standardized by Bank Indonesia (BI). With QRIS, all QR Code-based payments can be made through all payment applications either on mobile banking or electronic money by means of interconnection and interoperability. QRIS aims to increase ease, security and convenience of transactions.

  2. Can I Accept QRIS payments from e-wallet or mobile banking other than OCBC?
    Yes, QRIS can accept payments from e-wallet or mobile banking other than OCBC without charge to customers.

  3. How much is the minimum QRIS payment transaction?
    There is no minimum QRIS payment transaction. Limit only applies to the maximum nominal of each transaction.

  4. How much is the maximum limit for payment transactions using QRIS?
    • QRIS with OCBC can accept QRIS payment transactions up to a maximum of IDR 20,000,000 per transaction.
    • However, the maximum limit for QRIS payment transactions will follow the terms of the payment application used by the customer.

  5. Is there a fee for QRIS payment for customers?
    No, customers are not charged any fees when using QRIS payments at merchants.

  6. How to check QRIS payment transaction history?
    • Merchants will receive transaction reports in excel form sent to the email registered on D+1 (calendar day).
    • Merchants can also register email to get real-time transaction reporting services on dashboard reports (website business portal).

  7. How and when can the proceeds from the transaction be received?
    The merchant will receive the transaction on D+1 (working day) from the transaction made. Funds will enter on a net basis from the basic transaction service to the account created for QRIS.

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Please contact TANYA OCBC at 1500-999

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