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Instead of just having fun, young people nowadays need to start planning further ahead. There are so many important things to think about, such as financial and how to manage it. It won’t be fun anymore if we keep putting it aside until it’s too late.

Maybe some of us are already aware about it, but how about the others? It’s important that we encourage them to be financially literate as well.

Even with the good intentions to use our knowledge to help fixing our friends’ financial planning, it still isn’t easy. There are many things that can’t be conveyed well, especially when delivered in a boring or patronizing manner.

Therefore, OCBC NISP is now searching for 35 Financial Game Changer candidates to spread the financial knowledge that they will gain from meNyala Academy!

meNyala Academy is a 6-month training program created by OCBC NISP for 35 selected young Indonesians, to learn and get hands-on experience about financial and marketing. At the end of the program, they will become “Financial Game Changers”, whose mission is to share their knowledge at fun Financial Fitness Classes event for young people.

Why you should join meNyala Academy?

  1. Diverse experience
    You can learn about financial in a fun way and apply the knowledge you get with Nyala Buddy Digital Community, get the chance to meet Financial Fitness Coaches and internship opportunity at OCBC NISP.
  2. Financial Fitness Coaches & rofessionals on your side
    Learn directly from the financial experts and OCBC NISP Financial Fitness Coaches who will guide you to master financial literacy.
  3. Improve your self-quality
    Expand your network, increase your skills, and jumpstart your career.
  4. More than just financial literacy
    Not only financial, you will also learn about event management, marketing communication, public speaking, leadership and many other skills from organizing Financial Fitness Classes event, both online and hybrid.
  5. Cool and exclusive welcome kit
    You will get a package consisting of varsity jacket, notebook, bag, and other supporting tools to make you the coolest Financial Game changer in Indonesia!

Before we start the program, you will be attending a 2-day bootcamp and learn directly from these experts who will guide you in preparing for Financial Fitness Class events in the next 6 months.

  1. Event Management by PK Entertainment
    Curious about how to make a successful event that would attract people? Here, you will get hands-on practice on organizing Financial Fitness Classes, accompanied by the fun and playful Digital Community team!
  2. Creative Content Creator by RWE
    Learn how to use social media and make interesting contents to promote your Financial Fitness Classes. From strategizing and creating editorial plans to executing them in writing, image, and video formats.
  3. Effective Leadership by Amir Widjaja, Marketing Lifestyle and Business Division Head
    Leadership is such an important thing in running businesses, organizations, and projects. Team leaders must possess leadership skills to encourage their team members to contribute optimally. Here, you will be learning on how to be a good leader.
  4. Public Speaking & Networking by Gania Harsono
    You’re full of creative ideas, but lacking the confidence to present them in front of people? It’s time for you to learn public speaking and build your confidence. When you are confident, everything you do will feel easier, including building a network.
  5. Financial Planning by Widya Yuliarti, Certified Financial Planner® OCBC NISP
    Learning about financial planning from early age is important, so when you have stable income in the future, you will know how to manage and allocate it better. Nothing is better than learning it from a Certified Financial Planner!

Here are the terms and conditions for applying to meNyala Academy:

  1. Make sure you are a final-year student or a fresh graduate in JABODETABEK area.
  2. Follow @ruangmenyala, @connekt.on and @ocbc_nisp on Instagram.
  3. Make a creative introduction video with max. duration 2 minutes to introduce yourself and tell the reason why you should be chosen as a Financial Game Changer in MeNyala Academy
  4. Post your photo with our Twibbon on your Instagram feed, tag @ruangmenyala, @connekt.on and @ocbc_nisp, and caption it with the reason why you want to join MeNyala Academy with #menyalaacademy.
  5. Upload your CV, introduction video, and screen shoot of Twibbon photo when you register
  6. Make sure your Instagram is not on private.
  7. You can only register once.
  8. The decision of of MeNyala Academy 2022 winner is final by the jury and cannot be contested.


  1. 22 June 2022
    meNyala Academy registration open
  2. 22 July 2022
    meNyala Academy registration closed
  3. 25 - 26 July 2022
    meNyala Academy candidate selection process
  4. 26 July - 1 August 2022
    Interview process for selected candidates
  5. 3 August 2022
    Announcement of 35 selected candidates
  6. 11 - 12 August 2022
    MeNyala Academy Welcoming Party and Bootcamp
  7. 13 August 2022 – 13 March 2023
    MeNyala Academy Journey


  • What is meNyala Academy?
    MeNyala Academy is a student ambassador program by OCBC NISP for selected young Indonesians to gain knowledge about financial and marketing and be the “financial game changers” who will spread their knowledge to their peers and increase awareness about financial literacy.
  • Does meNyala Academy charge a fee?
    No, the registration and all other recruitment process of meNyala Academy are free of charge.
  • What makes meNyala Academy different from the previous OCBC NISP student ambassador programs?
    MeNyala Academy program will be more exciting than the previous programs, because the participants will get to learn directly from the experts and gain hands-on experience in organizing fun, inspiring financial classes.
  • Can I register more than once for meNyala Academy?
    Potential participants of meNyala Academy can only register once.
  • What are the main criteria to join meNyala Academy?
    Final-year students or fresh graduates who live in Jabodetabek area.
  • Why is it only available for students living in Jabodetabek area?
    Because meNyala Academy will have an offline event in Financial Gym OCBC NISP Jakarta, as well as offline welcoming ceremony and bootcamp.
  • Is it open to students of all majors?
    MeNyala Academy is open for students of all majors.
  • What kind of video content is expected by meNyala Academy committee?
    A video containing self-introduction, reasons for being interested in joining meNYALA Academy, and expectations after joining meNYALA Academy.
  • What makes me disqualified?
    If you don’t submit your CV, video, and the screen shoot of your photo with our Twibbon. So, please make sure you follow all the registration steps correctly!
  • Why do I have to upload my CV when registering for the program?
    Aside from the initial screening process, the selected participants from meNyala Academy will also get the opportunity to join the internship program at OCBC NISP.
  • Will the interview selection be held Online or Offline?
    It will be held online 😊
  • Is it required to attend the bootcamp on 14–15 July 2022?
    The selected participants of meNyala Academy are required to attend the offline bootcamp on 14–15 July 2022.
  • Where will the Bootcamp meNyala Academy be held? For how long?
    At the OCBC NISP Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta on 14–15 July 2022 for one full day, wait for the schedule update!
  • Am I required to come to OCBC NISP office every day throughout the meNyala Academy program?
    The selected participants of meNyala Academy are required to come at least once a month to OCBC NISP office on the agreed date to provide each other with updates.
  • After finishing the meNyala academy program, will I definitely get the chance for a career at OCBC NISP?
    One of the benefits of joining meNyala academy is the opportunity to do internship at OCBC NISP, after a selection and interview process with Human Capital.
  • What do I get after completing meNyala Academy program?
    You will get a Certificate of Completion, skills and experience to become a Financial Game Changer!


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