Nyala x OY!: Get Rewards up to IDR1,000,000

5 Apr 2024 - 31 Dec 2024

Open Nyala, get Rewards up to IDR1,000,000 + Cashback 8% Online Transaction with Nyala Credit Card!

Promo Code


Use this promo code on OCBC mobile (Android and iOS)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only applicable for new OCBC Customer
  2. Account opening through OCBC Onboarding Website / OCBC mobile
  3. Program period until 31 December 2024
  4. When opening an account, Customer must input the OCBCOYID promo code in the Promo/Referral column at the link https://onboarding.ocbc.id/product/nyala
  5. Customers are required to make a fund placement within a maximum period of 7 days after successful account opening.
  6. To participate in the Nyala Debit program:
    • The existence of funds deposited in the account at least 30 calendar days, starting from the placement of funds in the Nyala Account (excluding funds contained in other products).
    • The amount of initial fund placement and the prize obtained:
      Product Nominal Funds (Minimum) Rewards
      Nyala Debit IDR1.000.000 IDR100.000
      IDR5.000.000 IDR250.000
      IDR25.000.000 IDR500.000
  7. For Tabungan Berjangka (TAKA) or Deposit program
    • Customers join the program in the same month as the account opening month.
    • The tenor of the product program that the customer can choose is: 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
    • Nominal placement of funds and prizes obtained:
      Product Nominal Funds (Minimum) Rewards
      TAKA or Deposit IDR15.000.000 IDR100.000
      IDR25.000.000 IDR250.000
      IDR50.000.000 IDR500.000
  8. Customers are only allowed to join 1 (one) program for 1 mobile phone or 1 device.
  9. Placement of funds in this program must be fresh funds, with the following conditions:
    • Overbooking from other OCBC accounts is not allowed.
    • Overbooking from other banks must be in the same name as the account holder at OCBC.
    • For initial deposit, the depositor's name must be the same as the account holder's name.
    • Overbooking from E-Wallet (such as Flip, OVO, Gopay, etc) is not allowed.
  10. After the terms and conditions are met, BANK will send Rewards to Eligible Customers at the end of the following month from the opening of the account.
  11. Terms of Cashback up to 8% using Nyala Credit Card
    • Customer applies for Nyala credit card at the same time when opening Nyala debit account.
    • Up to 8% cashback for online transactions using Nyala Credit Card up to IDR 200,000 per month
    • Minimum online transaction that counts is Rp.100,000 per transaction
    • Make 3 (three) Nyala credit card transactions outside of online transactions
    • Cashback to Nyala credit card will be credited on the next billing after the transaction period.
  12. BANK and PARTNER have the right to determine which Customers will receive Rewards based on the applicable terms and conditions.
  13. BANK and PARTNER have the right to cancel Rewards if fraud/non-compliance with the applicable Terms and Conditions is found.
  14. BANK has the right to NOT continue the process of giving Rewards to the Customer if there are indications of fraud / non-compliance with the Terms & Conditions of Account Opening and / or included in the Bank's fraud list.
  15. The Bank may make changes to the Promotion Program Terms & Conditions with notification in the form and through the Bank's communication media facilities no later than 30 (thirty) working days before the effective date of the changes.
  16. By participating in this promotional program, the Customer declares that they have understood, comprehended, and agreed to all applicable provisions related to the account opening promotion program via the Onboarding website and OCBC mobile with PARTNER Rewards.
  17. PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority and is a participant in the LPS guarantee.
  18. For further information regarding Nyala service account opening, customers can contact Tanya OCBC Contact Center at 1500-999 or +62-21-26506300 (from overseas).

Flow-Opening an OCBC NYALA account

Through OCBC's onboarding website:

  • Only applicable for new customers.
  • Register for Nyala OCBC - via OCBC onboarding website with link https://onboarding.ocbc.id/product/nyala
  • Select 'Apply for Product'.
  • Select 'Create Savings Account'.
  • Choose 'Nyala' service.
  • Enter Promo Code: OCBCOYID.
  • Follow the steps to create a new account on the OCBC mobile.
  • Follow the program Terms and Conditions to get the PARTNER E-voucher.

Through OCBC mobile:

  • Download OCBC mobile application.
  • Select 'Don't have OCBC Account' then select 'Open Nyala Service'.
  • Choose Savings Service - Nyala, select 'Apply'.
  • Enter Promo Code: OCBCOYID.
  • Follow the steps to create a new account.
  • Choose Nyala Debit Card and Nyala Credit Card (to get CC promo).
  • Follow the Terms and Conditions of the program to get the PARTNER E-voucher.

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