More saving with Business Smart Account

1 Jan 2022 - 31 Dec 2022

Get refund of transaction fees from your Business Smart account without registration.


  • Refund/cashback for 2 categories of fees, which are admin fees & transaction fees to other banks for SKN & RTGS. As well as waive clearing deposit fees at the branch.

Benefit terms:

  1. Smart Clearing:
    • unlimited free deposit/clearing fees at branches
    • without mininum average daily balance
  2. Smart Admin:
    • refund the monthly admin fee IDR 30,000 for the acquisition of new customers with the condition the balance at the end of the month minimun IDR 50 million (only in the first month of account opening)
    • the next month, refund the monthly admin fee IDR 30,000 with the condition that the average daily balance is min. IDR 50 million.
  3. Smart Transfer:
    • refund outgoing transaction fees (SKN & RTGS)
    • does not apply to bulk payments & payroll
    • minimum average daily balance IDR 50 million

Terms and Conditions Program:

  • Without registration, automatically applies to all Giro Business Smart accounts
  • The refund quota for outgoing transactions is as follows:
    Tiering Balance Quota SKN
    Quota RTGS
    s/d 50 mio
    ≥50 mio – < 250 mio 10 1
    ≥250 mio – < 500 mio 30 2
    ≥500 mio – < 2 bio 50 3
    ≥2 bio 150 7

  • Refund for outgoing transaction fees are given at the actual fees charged by the bank
  • The refund crediting process is carried out H+1 month (at the latest in the last week) since the transaction period was made

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