Get Free Credit! Buy Data Package IM3 at OCBC mobile

1 Feb 2024 - 29 Feb 2024

Get free credit up to IDR20.000 by buying IM3 data package at OCBC mobile

Program Period Data Package New Data Pack Bonus
1-24 February 2024 Freedom Internet 35GB/30 Days Freedom Internet 42GB/30 Days IDR15.000
Freedom Internet 50GB/30 Days Freedom Internet 100GB/30 Days IDR15.000
25 – 29 February 2024 Freedom Internet 50GB/30 Days Freedom Internet 50GB/30 Days IDR10.000
Freedom Internet 100GB/30 Days Freedom Internet 100GB/90 Days IDR20.000

Term & Conditions:

  • Valid for all OCBC Customers.
  • If the program is running, the new data package has been implemented, then the credit bonus program will apply to the new data package in the "New Data Pack" column with the same credit bonus amount as the old data package.
  • Credit bonuses are given if the purchase is declared successful by the Indosat system.
  • Credit bonuses will be sent to customers in real-time upon completion of transactions on selected bank networks.
  • The bonus will be sent in 1 time.
  • The bonus is given only 1 time a day for each Indosat number that makes a transaction.
  • The credit bonus will be included in the customer's main credit so that it can be used to perform Indosat services such as calls, SMS to all operators, purchase of credit-based apps (digital products that can be purchased on the marketplace iTunes, Ratakan, ClickBank, AppStore, PlayStore, VIU, Strava, Games)., Video, etc
  • Bonuses will be sent to customers in real-time upon completion of the transaction.

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