Saving Bonds (ST) Year 2023 Series ST010T2 and ST010T4

12 May 2023 - 7 Jun 2023

Saving Bonds (ST) provides opportunity for Indonesian people to contribute to the nation through investment and is a safe and profitable alternative investment instrument.

Terms and Conditions

Bank OCBC NISP is committed to sell ST010 in the primary market according to each customer’s needs. Supported by a team of professional staff, Bank OCBC NISP is ready to serve you as part of our commitment.

Details of ST010


Indonesia SBSN Issuing Company

Offering period

12 May – 7 June 2023

Bond type

Scripless, non-tradable on the secondary market, non-transferable, and non-disbursable until maturity except during the early redemption period (ST010T2 24 May - 3 June 2024 and ST010T4 26 May - 3 June 2025)

Investor target

Indonesia Citizen

Allotment date

12 June 2023

Settlement date

14 June 2023


Maturity date

ST010T2: 10 June 2025

ST010T4: 10 June 2027


Coupon type

Floating with floor

Coupon rate

  1. For the first period (which will be paid on 10 July 2023 (Short Coupon) a coupon of 6.25% per year for ST010T2 and 6.40% for ST010T4 BI 7 days reverse repo rate applies at the time of determination is 50bps for ST010T2 and 65bps for ST010T4
  2. The spread as stated in point a remains at 50bps for ST010T2 and 65bps for ST010T4 until maturity
  3. The coupon rate for the first 3 months period of 6.25% per year for ST010T2 and 6.40% for ST010T4 applies as the minimum coupon rate (floor). The minimum coupon rate does not change until maturity.

Coupon payment

On the 10th date every month.

In case the 10th date isn’t a working day, payment will be made on the next working day without an interest compensation. A working day is the day the operational payment system is conducted by Bank Indonesia.

First Coupon payment

10 July 2023 (Short Coupon)

Nominal per unit

IDR 1 million

Minimum order

Minimum IDR 1 million

Maximum order

ST010T2 IDR 5 billion

ST010T4 IDR 10 billion


Earn 0.1% cash rebate for ST010 purchase

Applies to minimum order accumulation of IDR 50 million and to multiplies of IDR 50 million

Cash rebate will be credited to customers’ account utilized to purchase ST010, at the latest on the following month after Settlement Date.

Illustration of how to calculate the Cash Rebate value:

Accumulation of Nominal Completed Order

Cash Rebate Value

IDR 50 million

IDR 50 thousand

IDR 100 million

IDR 100 thousand

IDR 130 million

IDR 100 thousand

IDR 234 million

IDR 200 thousand

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