Want Poinseru to get you Something New?

1 Jul 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

Redeem Poinseru to Upgrade Your Life Now

For customers who have joined Bank OCBC and choose Nyala/Premier Banking services, they can get Poinseru from banking activities when making daily transactions, placing in various products, and other attractive programs.

Banking activities that earn Poinseru are as follows:

  • Increasing the Average Daily Balance in Rupiah Savings Tanda 360

  • Increasing the Average Daily Balance in Tanda iB Savings

  • Increasing the Average Daily Balance in Tanda iB Savings

  • Make transactions using a Platinum Credit Card

  • Make monthly deposits on products via OCBC mobile (Time Savings/Time Mutual Funds)


  1. Poinseru validity period is 12 months from the time the Poinseru is obtained by the Customer.

  2. Points of interest for certain banking activities only apply to Bank OCBC customers who participate in Nyala/Premier Banking services.

  3. Poinseru calculation will start to be calculated since the customer joins Bank OCBC's Nyala/Premier Banking service.

  4. If the customer stops the service, then the transaction made by the customer in that month becomes invalid to get Poinseru.

  5. Poinseru crediting is done at the earliest D+1 for daily transactions via the Pay Buy Feature and/or QRPay via OCBC mobile since the 3rd or 6th transaction has been completed.

  6. Poinseru credit is made on the 1st of the following month from each successful monthly deposit of Term Savings/Times Mutual Funds.

    Example: Ms. Tisa makes the 4th deposit for a Term Savings product on October 16, 2023. Then Ms. Tisa will get Poinseru for deposits made on November 1, 2023.

  7. Poinseru credit is made on the 8th of each month to increase the Average Daily Balance in Rupiah Savings with the non-hold type at Tanda 360.

  8. Poinseru that has been collected can be exchanged/redeemed for various prizes ranging from e-Vouchers, e-Wallets, various electronic products and daily needs to mileages at Raih.id.

  9. Customers who have just joined Nyala or Premier Banking services are required to log in to raih.id first before making a transaction so that Poinseru can be credited automatically after making the 3rd or 6th transaction on OCBC mobile.

  10. For customers who have just joined Nyala or Premier, where the customer has previously joined and participated in the Nyala Banyak Cuan/Premier Deal program or a credit card customer, the poinseru from Pay-Purchase and/or QR transactions is 2,500. The remainder (2,500 Poinseru) will be credited in the following month after the 3rd or 6th transaction is successful.

Further terms & conditions can be seen at web.ocbc.id/dibayarinpoinseru

Perform the following banking activities on OCBC mobile to get Poinseru

Acvitivy Poinseru/Month Poinseru/Year
Pay Bills, Top Up e-Wallet, and Snacks Using QRIS
(Double Poinseru for New Customers for the first 6 months)
3x with a minimum of IDR 100,000/transaction 750Poinseru
(worth IDR 15,000)
(worth IDR 180,000)
6x with a minimum total transaction of IDR 500,000 2,500Poinseru
(worth IDR 50,000)
(worth IDR 600,000)
Be diligent in saving with Futures Savings Products and Futures Mutual Funds
Success Monthly Deposit min. IDR 100,000 with min. tenor/target time of 12 months 40Poinseru
(minimum value IDR 800)
(minimum value IDR 9,600)
(maximum value of IDR 8,000)
(maximum value of IDR 96,000)
Diligent Saving in Regular Savings (effective 1 August 2023)
Maintain Average Daily Balance min. IDR 1,000,000/month 50Poinseru
(minimum value IDR 1.000)
(minimum value IDR 12,000)
(maximum value IDR 50,000)
(maximum value IDR 600,000)

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