Free KAI Commuter Line Ride up to 3 Months

15 Nov 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

Choose your CUAN to get IDR 500K Cash Reward

Activation Nyala services by selecting your own CUAN.

Choose your own CUAN up to IDR 500K

  1. Only valid for account opening at Nyala Cuan & Coffee outlet KAI Palmerah and Sudirman Station.
  2. Only applies to product placement of Deposit/ TAKA via OCBC mobile
  3. Customers are required to save and hold funds according to the tenor of the selected product.
  4. Fulfilment of the terms and conditions of product placements must be done in the same day as the account opening.
  5. Fund placement for the opening Deposit/TAKA product must be fresh fund.
  6. Name of the account owner of the source of initial deposit funds must match the name registered in the OCBC system. Fund transfers through third-party fund transfer applications and e-wallets (examples: Flip, OVO, Gopay) cause the source of funds cannot be verified and may cause customers to be ineligible to receive rewards.
  7. Prize is only valid if the account source name is the same as the Customer Name.
  8. Janji Jiwa e-voucher prizes will be given via email registered on OCBC mobile in the form of e-voucher code no later than 14 Working Days since the program terms and conditions are met.
  9. E-voucher code that has been received by the Customer must be redeemed through JIWA+ app in the same month.
  10. E-voucher code that has been redeemed in JIWA+ app will be valid for 2 months.
  11. Train ticket prizes will be given in the form of cashback and will be credited on 30/31 of the following month.
  12. BANK has the right not to process the awarding of Prizes to customers who based on OCBC's assessment are indicated to have committed fraud on account opening and/or are included in the BANK OCBC fraud list.
Choose One of the Product Janji Jiwa Coffee Cashback Prize Value
Open Deposit Open Regular Savings Plan (TAKA)
IDR 5 Million, tenor min. 3 months + Saving and hold fund IDR 100K IDR 5 Million, tenor min. 6/12 months + Saving and hold fund IDR 100K
Free Coffee for 1 week (in the form of 5 vouchers @20K) IDR 100K IDR 200K
IDR 10 Million, tenor min. 3 months + Saving and hold fund IDR 100K IDR 10 Million, tenor min. 6/12 months + Saving and hold fund IDR 100K
Free Coffee for 2 weeks (in the form of 10 vouchers @20K) IDR 300K
IDR 15 Million, tenor min. 3 months + Saving and hold fund IDR 100K IDR 15 Million, tenor min. 6/12moths + Saving and hold fund IDR 100K
Free Coffee for 1 month (in the form of 20 vouchers @20K) IDR 500K

General Terms and Conditions of The Program:

  1. Hereby, the Customer expressly agree and authorize the Bank OCBC to debit, block and unblock an amount of funds according to the Customer’s choice.
  2. Interest rate is provided in accordance with applicable provisions in Banks informed to the Customer through the Bank office or other media with due according to the prevailing laws and regulations.
  3. The Customer is fully aware and realize the prize in this Program are conditional prizes, the prizes will become the full property of the Customer if the Customer has complied with all the General Terms and Condition of the Program.
  4. The Customer agree if the prize is not available to certain reasons, Bank OCBC has the right to replace it with another prize with an equivalent value.
  5. Closing products before the maturity date will follow the provisions of each product applicable to Bank OCBC; whereas if my participation in this program ends due to: (i) Disbursement of online time deposit, or (ii) Closing of other savings account before the program period ended. I will be charged program penalty of the prize value and product closing fee according to the regulations at Bank OCBC
  6. In the event that the Customer dies within period according to the product chosen by the Customer, by law (i) all of the Customer’s obligation(s) will be transferred to the Customer’s heirs and (ii) all related terms and condition at Bank OCBC with product and Program, including all provisions and laws regulations, will apply and be binding on the Customer’s heirs.
  7. The power of attorney in these General Terms and Conditions cannot be revoked or withdrawn by the Customer or Customer’s heirs and will not end for any reason whatever including for reasons as provided for in Articles 1813, 1814 and 1816 of the Indonesian Civil Code.
  8. Bank OCBC has the right and authorize to change, add and/or correct the General Terms and Conditions of this Program by written notification at the Bank OCBC office or other media with due according to the prevailing laws and regulations.

Poinseru Transaction Program
Get up to 30.000 Poinseru (equivalent to IDR 600K)

  1. Customers are required to download/update the OCBC mobile application.
  2. Customers are required to make transactions min. IDR 100K/transaction OR accumulated monthly transaction min. IDR 500K as much as 6x/ month
    • 3x transaction/ month prize 1,500 poinseru (equivalent to IDR 30K)
    • 6x transaction/month prize 5,000 poinseru (equivalent to IDR 100K)
  3. Make Pay & Buy, Top Up e-Wallet, QRIS transaction via OCBC mobile for the first 6 months.
  4. Transaction included in this program:
    • Top Up E-Money (GoPay/OVO/OCBC Wallet/ShopeePay/DANA/LinkAja)
    • Purchase: Data Package, Electricity Token, Reload Voucher and others
    • Payment: Electricity Bill, Water Bill and Mobile Phone.
    • Payment using OCBC mobile QR Pay at QRIS standard merchants.
  5. Prize is given in the form of poinseru.
  6. Further information:

Open Gold Saving Get Additional Balance IDR 250K

Nominal Gold Balance Bonus Balance Bonus Quota
IDR 100K IDR 10K 1.140
IDR 250K IDR 20K 950
10 gram IDR 250K 180

  1. Opening Gold Saving via OCBC mobile
  2. Program period strat from 23 August 2023
  3. Further information: Tabungan Emas Individu | OCBC

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