The Private Banking Customers’ Wealth Management Potency from Bank OCBC NISP’s Perspective

28 Feb 2021

  • Diversification of investment portfolios in Mutual Funds and Bonds by OCBC NISP Private Banking customers led to an increase in Operating Income by 20% YoY
  • OCBC NISP's Private Banking committed to become a trusted partner to expandCustomers’ asset, thus their hard work could be inherited as the best legacy (warisan inspirasi) for their next generation, is strengthened by the title of "2020 Best Private Banking for Indonesia”

Jakarta, February 28th, 2021 – Indonesia recorded a huge potential for private banking services. According to the 2019 World Wealth Report, Indonesia has recorded an increment of the wealthiest people in the country, which increased from 124 thousand people in 2017 to 129 thousand people in 2018. Going forward to 2020, Knight Frank through the publication of Wealth Report projected that Indonesia has a huge potential to become one of the countries in the world with the highest increase of Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals (UHNWIs). In Respond to the trend, Bank OCBC NISP committed to continuously strengthened its Private Banking services to assist better, thus, our Private Banking Customers’ hard work could be inherited for their next generation as the best legacy of inspiration.

However, the increase of UNHWIs in Indonesia (even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic), actually shows that the relevant Private Banking service are become pivotal among the UNHWIs. Moreover, the growing needs of UNHWIs customers for banking services that not only able to help them manage, but also develop their assets through investment and diversification, has motivated the Bank to play its strategic role as a trusted partner to help UHNWIs customers maximizing their assets, by placing funds, diversifying their portfolios according to medium-low risk in line with lower interest rates.

“Private Banking OCBC NISP realize the needs of our customers to diversify products, especially amidst this national and global economic recovery. Therefore, through our One-stop investment solution, we consistently develop their assets into its maximum potential. Thus, they could enrich their quality of life and achieve their aspiration to be financially independent.

The combination of our tailor-made solutions, access to banking services across national and regional, as well as professional support from experienced private bankers with a variety of market research and analysis; becomes the very manifestation of our solid commitment in supporting our Private Banking customers, thus, their hard work could become the best legacy of inspiration to be inherited for their next generation. We also strengthen our digital platform continuously, thus our customers could conveniently monitor their portfolios’ development at anytime and anywhere without experiencing any issues.” Stated Peter Harsono – Private Banking Division Head Bank OCBC NISP.

Along with the declining interest rate in Indonesia, our Private Banking customers tend to take alternative investment choices in medium-low risk’s products, such as mutual funds and bonds. As a result, OCBC NISP Private Banking managed to record an operating income growth of 20% throughout 2020, which was mainly driven by growth in non-interest income.

Various supports and innovations presented by Private Banking Bank OCBC NISP not only resulted on Bank’s positive performance growth. The OCBC NISP Private Banking service, which specifically designed for UHNWIs customers is also positively appreciated by the Bank’s customers who have utilized this one-stop investment solution to manage and maximize their assets. Moreover, Private Banking OCBC NISP is also appreciated as the Best Private Banking for Indonesia in 2020 at the Asian Private Bank Award held by Asian Private Banker in January 2021.

About Bank OCBC NISP

Bank OCBC NISP was established in Bandung in 1941 under the name Nederlandsch Indische Spaar en Bank Deposit. As per September 30th, 2020, Bank OCBC NISP serves its customers through 236 office networks in 57 cities in Indonesia, equipped with 599 Bank OCBC NISP ATM units, accesible in more than 196,000 ATM networks in Indonesia, as well as connected with 740 OCBC Groups ATM networks in Singapore and Malaysia. Bank OCBC NISP also serves its customers through digital channels, including mobile banking and internet banking, both for individual and corporate. Bank OCBC NISP is one of the banks with the highest credit ratings in Indonesia, with idAAA (stable) rating from PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) and AAA(idn)/stable from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia.


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