Facilitate Young Investors to Own Co-living Business, Rukita and Bank OCBC NISP Provide IDR 724 billion

1 Sep 2022

Jakarta, September 1, 2022 – Rukita, a long-term co-living provider collaborates with Bank OCBC NISP through the #TinggalHitungUntung program to provide a convenience co-living business for the younger generation. This collaboration facilitate the public, especially young investors, to start investing in the co-living business easily, safely and hassle-free.

Heriwan Gazali, Head of Retail Loan Business Bank OCBC NISP said, "Through #TinggalHitungUntung program by Bank OCBC NISP and Rukita, young investors can enjoy a flexible and controllable financing scheme as their Giro balance will be considered so that their credit period can be adjusted accordingly. For this reason, the more Giro accounts balance, the automatically lower their installment burden and loan interest.”

In this collaboration, Rukita will help turn the property into a rental unit. Starting from renovating the property to operating it as a promising co-living business. Customers in this program will immediately receive services from Rukita in terms of building interior design, property marketing, property maintenance, and co-living business operational management.

The co-living business trend in Indonesia is currently showing very significant growth in line with market demand from Millennials which is also increasing amid the pandemic. The Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) 2020 survey shows that 47.4% of millennials prefer to live in co-living, 47.1% choose to live in apartments, and the rest choose to live in family or relatives’ residences. It means that the prospects for the co-living and long-stay rental business are promising and tend to continue to increase.

Easy and Safe Process for Investors

Business Incubation Lead Bank OCBC NISP, Altona Widjaja said “Bank OCBC NISP continues to develop banking innovations by collaborating with start-ups in order to encourage people, especially Millennials starting property investment so they can obtain optimal passive income. Through this collaboration with Rukita, we provide credit distribution funds of IDR 724 billion which will be implemented in the next few years. This is one of the Bank's strategic steps to support the younger generation to start implementing business in the property sector, as a passive income investment.”

Customers can apply this program effortlessly. First, they can register by filling out a form on the official Rukita website at ocbcnisp.rukita.co. Then, the Rukita & Bank OCBC NISP team will conduct an assessment to decide whether the customer is eligible for a loan. If it is passed verification, the customer will immediately sign a loan contract with Bank OCBC NISP and a management contract with Rukita. After that, the customer can complete the buying and selling administrative process until a credit agreement is made. Afterwards, Rukita will prepare the building for rent, manage its operations, and finally the customer can transfer his or her income to pay installments.

Sabrina Soewaddy, CEO and Co-founder of Rukita explained that Rukita as the market leader in Indonesia’s property technology industry has succeeded in showing very rapid business growth and expansion in just three years of existence. Currently, Rukita has successfully served more than 300 properties in 165 locations in Indonesia. In addition, there are more than 1 million rooms throughout Indonesia that have collaborated in the Rukita ecosystem with millions of platform users every month.

“Despite the pandemic, within these three years, Rukita has shown very significant business growth driven by increasing market demand. For this reason, we are very happy to collaborate with OCBC NISP, where we can open as many opportunities as possible for the community, especially Millennials who want to invest in the co-living business with Rukita," said Sabrina.

Based on the 2022 target, Sabrina explained that Rukita will carry out a massive expansion throughout Indonesia. Currently, Rukita has expanded its reach from Jadetabek to Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, and Medan – and will expand the business to the eastern part of Indonesia. Customers who join this program can entrust their property management to Rukita and don't have to bother with it.

“Currently, we have partnered with more than 260 property owners who have entrusted their management and property operations to Rukita. By taking advantage of the #TinggalHitungUntung program, you can own property investments more easily, and immediately operate as a rental business by Rukita. No need to bother, your property will be safe and well managed. You can also enjoy time with your family and still receive passive income every month,” explained Sabrina.

For more detailed information regarding the #TinggalHitungUntung program, customers can contact Rukita via ocbcnisp.rukita.co or WhatsApp 081919333778 / 081993377789. You can also visit various Bank OCBC NISP branches throughout Indonesia.

About Bank OCBC NISP
Bank OCBC NISP was established in Bandung in 1941 under the name Nederlandsch Indische Spaar en Deposito Bank. As of June 30th, 2022, Bank OCBC NISP serves customers through 201 office networks in 54 cities in Indonesia. Furthermore, customers could conduct transaction through the Bank's 497 ATM, more than 100,000 ATM networks in Indonesia, and connected to more than 680 OCBC Group ATM networks in Singapore and Malaysia. Bank OCBC NISP also serves customers through various digital channels, including mobile banking and internet banking – both for individuals and corporations. Bank OCBC NISP is one of the banks with the highest credit ratings in Indonesia, namely idAAA (stable) from PEFINDO and AAA(idn)/stable from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia.


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