Making Jakarta Financially Fit, Bank OCBC NISP Invites Young Generation to do Financial Workout at Financial Fitness Gym PIK

20 Oct 2022

Jakarta, 20 October 2022 – Amidst inflation and recession threat, financial literacy for young generation is deemed essential. Today, Bank OCBC NISP officially launched Financial Fitness Gym (FFG) at the COVE, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. With FFG, the Bank is ready to make Jakarta more financially fit by inviting young generation to exercise their financial muscles through Financial Check Up, consulting their financial situation and gaining knowledge from various financial classes led by experts, so that they can make wise financial decisions and become #FinanciallyFit.

Bank OCBC NISP’s Financial Fitness Gym is a branch office designed not only for day-to-day banking transactions, but also an experience education centre where people can learn more about financial fitness, drawing from its similarities to physical fitness. Just like in physical fitness, maintaining financial fitness requires certain strategy, and commitment to exercise is crucial.

Financial Fitness Gym at PIK is the first branch in Jakarta, after previously the first FFG in Indonesia was launched in Surabaya in December 2021. This innovative branch concept is specifically designed to answer young generation’s needs for a place to get financial services that suit their lifestyle. Through FFG, Bank OCBC NISP is committed to enrich people’s quality of life, especially for financial inclusion and literacy among young generation.

Faren Indirawati Tjong, National Network Head A of Bank OCBC NISP stated, “By launching FFG at PIK, we hope everyone, especially young generation can be #financiallyfit in the future by consulting their current financial situations, and later choosing suitable savings and investment products. The FFG PIK emphasizes on providing knowledge on personal financial management for free and with no strings attached. We believe that with persistence, discipline, and attitude of “There is no such thing as can’t” #TAYTB, everyone can reach their tangible financial goals.”

OCBC NISP’s Financial Fitness Index 2022 shows that the financial score of Indonesian young generation is still low, at 40.06. Moreover, 78% confessed that they do not fully grasp the risks and benefits associated with investment products, and yet they tend to invest in certain assets because they are “trendy” and believed as the fast way to get high returns. In fact, only 22% have deep understanding of the investment products they own.

Referring to the data, Amir Widjaya, Marketing & Lifestyle Business Division Head Bank OCBC NISP mentioned, “Financial health assistance is important for young generations, especially those who live in a big city like Jakarta - where the temptations on lifestyle, FOMO and peer pressure are sky-high. Therefore, to make Jakarta more #financiallyfit, Bank OCBC NISP has prepared financial assistance solution through branch offices that fits today's lifestyle where people can go to the Financial Fitness Gym accompanied by NYALA trainers & NYALA buddy, participate in NYALA Financial Fitness Classes, NYALA Community and educational platform”

As a part of the Financial Fitness Gym PIK launch, Bank OCBC NISP held Cuan Town Festival from 20 October to 12 November 2022. This festival is free for public, and consists of many entertaining yet educative activities, such as Financial Classes by NYALA Financial Coaches, Live DJ performance, and performances from top Indonesian singers such as Diskoria, JKT48, Potret, and RAN.

To further appeal to young people, the Bank also initiated Check, Choose, Cuan program to help them start their financial journey to become #FinanciallyFit. First, through, they can go for a self-independence check up to Check their financial health, then Choose the best financial education classes, as well as banking and investment products which suit their needs. Lastly, they can get Cuan (gain) with free transaction fees and other attractive offers by NYALA OCBC NISP.

First Financial Fitness Gym in Jakarta

At Financial Fitness Gym by Nyala OCBC NISP in PIK area, people in Greater Jakarta can check their current financial state in Financial Fitness Check Up and have one-on-one discussion with Nyala Financial Fitness Trainer in Consultation Area. They can also join Financial Fitness Classes, a series of personal and business financial management classes held at the Ground Area.

People can also find charming hidden gems such as Cuan Tunnel, decorated with figurines of the Lucky Cat mascot which symbolizes prosperity; Hustle Hall which houses exciting financial activities, utilizing interactive technology to share the exercise results to visitors’ gadgets securely. Moreover, FFG also provides various kinds of entertainment and interesting treats, such as Lucky Cat vending machine, merchandise area, and Nyala First Crack Coffee that are only available at Financial Fitness Gym Jakarta & Surabaya.

About Bank OCBC NISP
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NYALA OCBC NISP is a banking service from Bank OCBC NISP to help customers grow money while enjoying the freedom of digital transactions. With an average combined balance starting from IDR 1 million, NYALA service customers can grow their funds and achieve financial goals in 3 steps, namely Check, Choose and Cuan. Check financial health at, Choose the best educational classes as well as banking and investment products that suit your needs, and get Cuan (Gain) from those investments and from the benefits of free transaction fees and other attractive programs offered by NYALA OCBC NISP. For more information visit

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