Bank OCBC NISP and eFishery Collaboration in Building Aquaculture Ecosystem

17 Nov 2022

Jakarta, 17 November 2022 – Founded in Bandung and share the same vision to enrich people’s quality of life, Bank OCBC NISP and eFishery announce its commitment to support Aquaculture Ecosystem in Indonesia. The partnership is manifest through KTA Cashbiz Program, which is accessible through eFishery Kabayan program. Conducted on 1 November 2022, the partnership program was signed at eFishery Head office in Bandung.

One of Bank OCBC NISP’s main focuses is to provide business loan for MSMEs in the aquaculture sector. It is in line with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries’ strategy to increase MSMEs business loans so that they can be more competitive amid the pandemic. Furthermore, it is proven that MSMEs is highly contributed to Indonesia's economic growth, with around 61% of national GDP and absorbs 97% of the total workforce.

"The collaboration between Bank OCBC NISP and eFishery is expected to strengthen the future of national food security. We hope this financing facility can be utilized by eFishery’s aquaculture farmers to expand their business not only nationally, but also internationally," said Veronika Susanti, Digital Lending Division Head Bank OCBC NISP.

She also added that KTA Cashbiz program from Bank OCBC NISP which is available through eFishery Kabayan program can help the farmers to manage their cashflow easily. The program offers low interest rate and tenor choices that can be adjusted based on their needs.

Kabayan (Kasih, Bayar Nanti) is a paylater program from eFishery, targeted for eFishery’s aquaculture farmers in Indonesia. Kabayan is part of the eFishery Mall (eMall), a program that helps eFishery’s farmers connect to financial services to get financing access. Through Kabayan, KTA Cashbiz OCBC NISP program allows farmers to buy feed through eFishery in stages and pay after the harvest is sold.

Gibran Huzaifah, CEO and Co-Founder of eFishery, said “eFishery as the largest aquaculture startup in the world realized that financing has significant role to expand the business of our aquaculture farmers, as access to financial assistance from official financial institutions is very difficult to obtain. Farmers are forced to borrow money from moneylenders or others with high loan interest and short tenors. These conditions limit their movement and make them trapped in unfavorable financial conditions.”

"We are honored that Bank OCBC NISP has trusted us to work together bringing positive impact for eFishery farmers and aquaculture industry which is a strategic sector. The financial assistance provided, can help the farmers to grow their business optimally," Gibran concluded.

Currently, there are 2 types of eFishery Kabayan program, Kabayan Regular and Kabayan Kilat, which are funded by Bank OCBC NISP. For further information about Kabayan program, visit the nearest eFisheryPoint, contact the eFishery Point Coordinator, or visit the official website of

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