Beware of Fake Call Centers on Eid al-Fitr

18 Apr 2023 Written by:Tim OCBC NISP

Beware of Fake Call Centers on Eid al-Fitr

During the Eid holidays, when the Bank's service office is closed, it is a moment that scammers or fraudsters can take advantage of to trick Bank customers in various ways.

One of them is by making fake calls on behalf of Bank OCBC NISP's Call Center or sending WhatsApp on behalf of Bank OCBC NISP which contains a fake application link that can break into a customer's account.

For this reason, always be vigilant and make sure you recognize and know the Bank OCBC NISP Call Center number.

Note the following so that you are not deceived

  1. Be careful with numbers that are similar to Bank OCBC NISP's official numbers:
    1. Fake Number: +621 1500999, +1500999, +01500999
    2. The Correct TANYA OCBC NISP Numbers 1500999
  2. If you receive a message containing a link, make sure it was sent by Bank OCBC NISP:
    1. Bank OCBC NISP official SMS senders: OCBC NISP & OCBCNISP
    2. Bank OCBC NISP official sender email:
    3. Bank OCBC NISP's official WhatsApp sender:
      • Bank OCBC NISP: 081-122-500999 and 081-158-500999
      • Info OCBC NISP: 0811-1060-6222
      • TANYA OCBC NISP: 0812-1500-999
  3. Check the authenticity of the link
    Make sure the OCBC NISPis the official website to get information
  4. Keep data confidential
    Stay vigilant in making transactions and guarding your personal information. Bank OCBC NISP will never ask for your PIN, OTP, Password, or Credit Card/ATM CVV via social media, SMS, telephone, email, WhatsApp or direct message for any reason.

Immediately contact TANYA OCBC NISP 1500999 if you receive a suspicious call or message claiming to be from Bank OCBC NISP.

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