IBL Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds secured loans administered through OCBC

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IBL Mutual Funds

    IBL Mutual Funds Terms of Application

    Product Information Summary

  1. Individual applicants
  2. Indonesian citizenship
  3. Minimum age 21 years old/ married
  4. Maximum age 75 years old by the end of loan tenure
  5. Receives regular income as an employee, entrepreneur, or professional.
  6. Employee (permanent/contract) with min. 2 years of experience.
  7. Entrepreneur/Professional with min. 2 years of experience within the same industry
  8. A minimum income Rp. 15 million/month

No Document Form of Document
1 Signed application form Original
2 Valid National ID of applicant and spouse (for Indonesian citizen) Copy
3 Family Certificate Copy
  • Marriage Certificate/ Divorce certificate/ Spousal Death Certificate (if applicable)
  • Prenuptial Agreement (if applicable)
5 Birth Certificate (only applicable if the applicant's name consists of just 1 word or abbreviations) Copy
6 Employee:
Recent employment letter or other documents such as:
  • SPT pph pasal 21 (prev. year) or
  • Valid employment contract, or
  • Last payslip (max. 3 months)

Employer/business entity
  • Akta yang mencantumkan kepemilikan saham terakhir(PT/CV) an. Debitur atau
  • Dokumen Eksistensi Usaha atas nama debitur: SIUP/TDP/SK Domisili/Surat Keterangan pengelola gedung/ surat sewa menyewa tempat/ SPK (Surat Perintah Kerja)/ Kontrak Kerjasama Usaha (contoh perjanjian Franchise)

  • Verifiied certification letter of current remuneration
  • Certification letter declaring remuneration raise issued by place of employment
  • Verification letter issued by related organization
7 Other Documents:
  • Bank statement of the past 3 months
IBL Mutual Funds
IBL Mutual Funds

IBL Mutual Funds

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IBL Mutual Funds