3x “Cuan” Join Nyala OCBC NISP

1 Jul 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

Special Promo for new customers who join NYALA services at Surabaya will get 3 benefits at once

1. Open Nyala, get cash reward up to IDR 1,650,000

Program Name Fund Placement Conditions Prize
CUANWAN Open a minimum Deposits IDR 5 Million, min. tenor 3 months Cashback IDR 100K
CUANTIK Open a minimum Deposits IDR 10 Million, min. tenor 3 months Cashback IDR 150K
CUANTAP Following these missions:
  • MISI 1: Fund placement min. IDR 25 Million
  • MISI 2: New Product* placement
  • MISI 3: Make Purchase/payment, Top Up Wallet, QRIS transactions on ONe Mobile for the first 6 months
Cashback up to IDR 1.650.000

*Customers can choose the following products: Deposits / iB Deposits - min. 3 months tenor; Tanda Hold; Bonds (total placement); Mutual funds (excluding Money Market and futures); Bancassurance; Current Account / Current Account iB; QRIS (activation as a merchant); RDN; Credit Card (until approved)

Terms and Condition CUANTAP

  • MISI 1
    1. Customer will get IDR 150K Cashback
    2. Funds placed must be fresh funds, no book entries from other OCBC NISP accounts are allowed.
    3. MISI 1 must be taken by the Customer before proceeding to the next steps
    4. MISI 2 and MISI 3 are optional for the Customer and do not have to be done sequentially.
  • MISI 2
    1. Open a new product with the following conditions
      Criteria Min. Placement/ Product Cashback
      Open 1 Product IDR 10,000,000 IDR 100,000
      *Customers can choose one of the following products:
      • Bonds
      • Mutual Funds (excluding Money Market)
      • Bancassurance
      • Current Account / Current Account iB
      • Giro / Giro iB
      • QRIS (activation as a merchant)
      • RDN (minimum placement IDR 5 million
      • Credit Card (until approved). Rewards will be credited to the Customer's Credit Card
    2. The opened product cannot be the same as the previously opened product
    3. Cashback will be given according to the number of new products, where 1 new product will get a cashback IDR 100K and applies multiples for opening new products as stated in point 1 above.
  • MISI 3
    1. Customers are required to download/update the ONe Mobile application.
    2. Customers are required to make transactions min. IDR 100K/transactin OR accumulated monthly transaction min. IDR 500K as much as 6x/ month
      • 3x transaction/ month prize 1,500 poinseru (equivalent to IDR 30K)
      • 6x transaction/month prize 5,000 poinseru (equivalent to IDR 100K)
    3. Make Pay & Buy, Top Up e-Wallet, QRIS transaction via ONe Mobile for the first 6 monts.
    4. Prize is given in the form of poinseru.
    5. Further information: ocbcnisp.id/dibayarinpoinseru

General Terms and Conditions Opening NYALA:

  1. Only valid for all new customers who open an account at Surabaya AND become a member of FFG during the program period.
  2. Placement must be fresh fund, no book-entry from other Bank OCBC NISP accounts
  3. Customers are required to input unique code obtained from Nyala Buddy/Trainer/Sales into the provided promo code column.
  4. The placement fund in Tanda 360 plus saving account must be maintained for 30 days from the account opening month in accordance with the program scheme that has been established at the beginning of the account opening.
  5. There is no deviation for this program. The conditions that have not fully met will result in the reward not being received by the Customer.
  6. The instant prize program cannot be combined with other new Customer programs aside from 3x Cuan program. If it is found that there is a merger program, the Bank has the right to cancel the prize has been given from one of the programs
  7. Cashback will be given in the form of Cashback to Tanda 360 Plus IDR / upfront sharing for Sharia in Customer’s active Mudharabah iB IDR Savings account, no later than the 4th week of the following month
  8. BANK has the right not to process the provision of Cashback to customers who based on OCBC NISP's assessment are indicated to have committed fraud on account opening and/or are included in the BANK OCBC NISP fraud list
  9. Name of the account owner of the source of initial deposit funds must match the name registered in the OCBC NISP system. Fund transfers through third-party fund transfer applications and e-wallets (examples: Flip, OVO, Gopay) cause the source of funds cannot be verified and may cause customers to be ineligible to receive rewards.
  10. BANK has the right to change the terms of the promotion program which will be notified by OCBC NISP in any form and through any media means

2. Bonus 1 Lot of OCBC NISP shares

  1. Valid for NYALA Customers (New Customers & Existing Customers) who open OCBC Sekuritas account.
  2. Customers are required to open a stock investment account through iOCBC Trade Mobile Indonesia (“iOCBC) application and choose RDN OCBC NISP.
  3. Customers are required to make a share transaction for the first-time min IDR 100K throught online trading or quity sales.
  4. Transaction fulfilment must be done up to 1month after becoming OCBC Sekuritas customers.
  5. Program period: 1 July – 31 December 2023

3. Additional Cashback up to Million Rupiah

Follow the easy steps below to invite friends to join Nyala via ONe Mobile application

  • Login to ONe Mobile
  • Select “Refer a Friend” menu
  • Click 'Invite My Friends”
  • Then share the link to your relatives or family through your social media/email

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only applies to Referrals who have never downloaded ONe Mobile from any channel.
  • The Referral must be a new customer who join OCBC NISP bank with fresh fund.
  • Further information: ocbcnisp.com/on_mgm

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