Buy a Dream House and Go to the Holy Land Make it happen with KPR iB OCBC Sharia

7 Mar 2024 - 31 Dec 2024

The Labbaik program is the right solution to make your dream of owning a house come true quickly with easy installments and a prize of IDR 25 million Umrah Voucher without drawing.

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for applications for the iB Musyarakah Mutanaqisah KPR facility (Regular and Easy Start)
  • Minimum ceiling of IDR 500 million with Ujrah/Equivalent rate according to program provisions.
  • Minimum tenor of 15 years


  • Prizes in the form of Umrah Vouchers or Hajj portions worth 25 million
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or replaced with other prizes
  • Prizes can be transferred to other people appointed by the Customer through a Statement Letter signed by the Customer.
  • For prizes in the form of Umrah Vouchers:
    • If the price of the Umrah package exceeds the value of the Voucher provided, the Customer must add the difference so that it matches the price informed by the Umrah Travel Bureau which has collaborated with OCBC Syariah.
    • Umrah vouchers can only be used for departure schedules determined by the Umrah travel agency which has collaborated with OCBC Syariah.
  • For Prizes in the form of Hajj Portions
    • Customers will be directed to open a Hajj Pilgrimage Savings Account (RTJH) as well as an initial deposit at OCBC Syariah
    • BPIH repayment costs are the responsibility of the Customer and the repayment amount refers to the provisions of the authorities at the time of departure
      Rates and Repayment Terms
        Rates Information
      iB KPR Admin fee for repayment 5% during the holding period, 3% after the holding period ends until the financing maturity
      Prize replacement costs for repayment before maturity Prize Reimbursement Scheme
      • Holding Period IDR 25 Million
      • After passing the holding period, it will be calculated to decrease in accordance with Bank policy


  • Departure schedule in 2 periods, namely August 2024 and May 2025
  • The departure date will be informed to the Customer no later than 2 months before the departure date. Likewise, if there are changes to the departure schedule, it will be communicated to the Customer no later than 2 months before the departure date.

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