Own the Best Minimalist Home only at Arta Soreang Living

11 Sep 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

Arta Soreang Living Bandung is in a premium and strategic area which certainly provides a high advantage for its location value.

Apart from that, Arta Soreang Living Bandung is near the Soreang Toll Road and close to the South Bandung Police Station. Arta Soreang Living is built with carefully selected premium materials so that residents can live comfortably, also equipped with excellent facilities that will support and complement the lives of the residents.

Get special promotions:

  • Down Payments Starts From 5%
  • KPR interest control up to 0%
  • Free water tower fees
  • Free 1 Year Internet Fees + Installment
  • Smart Home Facilities

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